#12-Finding the Boogeyman and #11-Issac’s Death

September 11, 2008 at 8:47 pm (Television)

At the end of Volume 1, Sylar was thought to be the greatest evil in the Heroes story. He had killed several, and was trying to kill millions more on the night of Kirby Plaza. Some of those who gathered to stop it were Matt, Mohinder, and Noah, who were coming to Molly’s aide in order to help find Sylar. She started telling them of finding Sylar, and told of her greatest fear. Matt-“Which one cannot you not find?…” Molly-“The boogeyman… He can see me…” 

One of the biggest characters from the beginning was Issac Mendez, an artist of the future. He was crucial in helping the gang find some, and ultimately prevent the horrific future. In his last moments he began to paint horrific pictures of someone lying dead with their head cut off, as Sylar often does. I myself could never figure out who it was, that it was revealed it was Issac that was painting his own shocking death at the hands of Sylar. Not before though, he could send on the secrets to killing and stopping him.


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