#10-Mr. Bennet’s Death and #9-Kensei is Adam Monroe?

September 14, 2008 at 7:05 am (Television)

At the beginning of Volume 2, Mr. Bennet found some art that he wouldn’t want to hang in his living room. The picture painted by the late Issac Mendez showed Bennet dead, and he would stop at nothing to make it not come true. As he was trying to take down the company with Mohinder, Mohinder was recruited by them and was convinced to take down Bennet, but peacefully. You were on edge through the whole episode thinking “How and if is this going to come true?” As they made the exchange between Claire and Elle, Elle Attacked. Bennet shot Elle, and there was a standoff. As Bennet went to take out the lead of the company, Mohinder killed his partner, Mr. Bennet, with one bullet to the eye. 

Later on in Season 2, one of the biggest names you couldn’t place a face with was Adam Monroe. While Hiro was back in time with Takezo Kensei, who was revealed to be able to win battles with his invulnerability, those in the present were running from this serial killer and warning others of Adam Monroe. They called him the founder of the company, a prophet, a Godsend, and yet evil. When Peter finally came back to the present after going to future and receiving the note from Adam, it’s finally revealed that the legendary hero Kensei and Monroe are the same.


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