#6-Adam’s Punishment and #5-Nathan’s Second Attack

September 18, 2008 at 4:19 pm (Television)

Both of these moments come down at the very end of Season 2, within 5 minutes of eachother. As stated in previous moments, Adam Monroe had some devious plans for the world. He planned to decimate the world’s population and lead the new society. Hiro couldn’t let that happen, so he went in to stop it. He finally confronted Monroe in the vault with the virus, and teleported him out of there before he could release it. Where he teleported him was a mystery, that is until we found that the very cruel yet smart Hiro teleported the immortal, cannot die, Adam into a coffin underground, where he was to spend the rest of eternity, shouting, begging, and pleading with Hiro to come back and rescue him. Chills went down my spine. 

Minutes later in the finale, after Peter and the gang stopped the virus. They had the idea to finally come clean about the company’s actions, and reveal their secrets. Nathan, a once candidate for congress, held a press conference, and described the past events over the past two volumes to the crowd. We see a clipshow of all the big events that had happened, and Nathan’s prodigal son ways. As he begins to finish his sentence “I Have the ability to-” He is shot twice in the chest so unexpectedly, and falls to the ground. Panic sets in, and an eerie score begins to fade in. As Nathan lies there dying, Matt looks off into the distance, and, in a great moment, we see the shooter walk away.

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