#3-The Homecoming Massacre

September 20, 2008 at 9:17 am (Television)

The entire plot of Volume 1 revolved around one thing: Saving the world from the explosion that would devastate mankind and kill millions. Some were there to stop it, others were there to cause it, but an event that occured about 15 episodes earlier helped stop the madman’s plan. Claire Bennet was a regular cheerleader with the ability to heal, and Sylar was a maniac on a run to kill her and steal her power. Hiro from the future came and told Peter of his mission and how he was to save Claire, and it became his mission. The entire episode provided this eerie feeling, but when it came down to those final 20 minutes of the episode, things picked up. Claire and a friend were confronted by Sylar, but he mistook her for Claire, and gave chase. Peter Petrelli, who had unknowingly passed Claire, protected her from Sylar, took a few lockers to the face, and led her to safety. However, both him and Sylar toppled off the ledge of the school, where Peter was killed. Peter lived, and Sylar was taken into Company custody. The episode was creepy in it’s own right, and is one of my all time favorites.


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