September 22, 2008 at 11:09 am (Television)

All of the moments in the countdown have been shocking, extraordinary, mind changing for some, but they all come to this. Some have taken place at the end of the show’s most recent season, some at the beginning. However, the countdown’s #1 is at the very beginning as well. Ever since the beginning of the show on September 25th back in 2006, the show has provided some jaw dropping moments, but that was when we as the viewer came to expect certain things from the Heroes. We knew that the show was revolutionary and action-filled, and knew the show was on an epic scale. Back on September 25th, however, we weren’t as prepared for the phenomenon to begin. Through the entire episode of Genesis we are introduced to all of these characters like Hiro Nakamura, Peter and Nathan Petrelli, Issac Mendez, Niki Sanders, and Mohinder Suresh. Peter is in the center, where he has all of these dreams of flying several times in the premiere. The viewer like myself doesn’t know what is to come, but we do know Peter is ambitious. He is a hospice nurse who begins to ask himself of his greater purpose. At the very end of the episode we’ve seen Hiro time travel and Niki exhibit some sort of split persona, but Peter has yet to show his ability that he claims to have, his ability of flight. Through the whole thing we want Peter to fly. At the very end Peter stands atop a ledge in NYC and calls Nathan to see him. Nathan stands on the ground, and looks up to see Peter 3 stories up about to jump so he can prove that he can fly. Peter steps off the ledge, and falls. He doesn’t seem to be flying, but then, in a complete shock, Nathan who was not expected to have ANY powers flies up and catches Peter. They struggle, and Peter slips out of Nathan’s grip, where the “to be continued…” flashed upon the screen. The stakes were set for one of the biggest and best sci-fi shows in television history.



  1. dragonshensi said,

    yeah, that was an awesome scene.I also like the scene where Peter keeps falling off the monkey bars trying to fly and that kid wearing the superman cape watches him.

  2. earlman27 said,

    That was really funny. I just remember seeing this scene and thinking… “Wow, this show is going to be huge.”

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