Upcoming Heroes Episodes

September 28, 2008 at 7:15 pm (Television)

Heroes has officially launched and has totally made up for lost ground. The show has killed off several characters, introduced more characters and abilities. Within the next few weeks even more ground will be treaded, as can be seen in the titles and synopsi of the next few weeks’ episodes. 


  • September 29th-One of Us, One of Them-Bennet and his new partner go after four villains at a bank heist. Peter tries to determine what goes wrong in the future. Hiro and Ando meet the Haitian in Germany. Tracy Strauss looks for information about Niki. Mohinder is unprepared for the outcome of his experiment.
  • October 6th-I Am Become Death-Peter uses a dangerous ability in order to save the world. Hiro and Ando come to Adam for information about the person that hired Daphne. Bennet tries to get rid of his partner. Claire goes after a villain
  • October 13th-Angels and Monsters
  • October 20th-Dying of the Light
  • October 27th-Eris Quod Sum
  • Villains
  • It’s Coming
  • The Eclipse Part 1
  • The Eclipse Part 2
  • Our Father
  • War

1 Comment

  1. dragonshensi said,

    This is ging to be the best season yet.

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