One of Us, One of Them Review

September 30, 2008 at 10:39 am (Television)

I actually liked this week’s Heroes better than last week’s. The episode had some great revelations, made some great progress in the story, killed yet a few more people, and provided some very action and comedy filled portions for the show that are always enjoyable. The main plotline of this episode was the bank robbery. Flint, Knox, the German, and Peter in the body of Jessie take a few hostages in the bank, and, in one of the most enjoyable portions of the episode, Sylar and Bennet had to team up to stop them. There was plenty of back and forth arguing, which was great, and Sylar eventually took care of the situation his own way, killing Jessie and taking his power. One of the weird things about the segment that came off a little rushed was the fact that they went ahead and took all the villains that escaped from Level 5, and just an episode later, 2 are dead, 1 is on the run, and 1 is back in custody. Another thing that I didn’t quite like was that they constantly showed Peter, who was trapped in Jessie’s body, in the form of Peter, not Jessie. Some say it’s less confusing, but to me it was just a little problematic, however minor. Claire’s depressed little storyline continued, and provided a cool moment of training inside of a shipping crate. Hiro and Ando definitely are the most true to the past seasons, which isn’t bad for the rest. Hiro’s once again on a mission to save the world by trying to retrieve the other half of the formula from his “nemesis”, which is always funny to hear them babble back and forth. She escapes with both halves of the formula, and Hiro and Ando are taken into the company by the newly returned Haitian, greatly played by Jimmy Jean Louis. Matt’s also still in Africa where some great artwork was shown by Usutu. Tracy and Nathan’s stories kinda took a backseat in this one, which was a nice pace given the big bank robbery. Overall, I enjoyed this episode more than last week’s two-parter. Last week really laid down a lot of ground in a little time frame, but this week’s covered a lot, but slowed it down and allowed you to catch your breath. Even though there were some minor changes needed to be made in my opinion, it was definitely a great episode. 

4 1/2 out of 5


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