The Incredible Hulk Review

October 23, 2008 at 6:07 pm (Movies)

EARL SMASH TINY BLOGGERS WHO NO THINK EARL IS FUNNY!!! With all of the huge superhero movies coming into theaters, and now coming to DVD, it’s easy to forget about some of the other heroes, the bigger, greener, stronger ones that could break you in half like a toothpick. The Incredible Hulk follows Bruce Banner, your regular scientist, who just so happens to be on the run from the government for “stealing military secrets”. Here’s the thing-He is the secret. Throughout the film Banner is either on the run, making out with Liv Tyler, or beating the snot out of some military vehicle or Tim Roth. The movie really takes a focus less on Banner’s humanity, and more on the Hulk as a weapon. Banner wants rid of it, Blonsky wants it, and Ross wants it as a military “super soldier” weapon. The beginning of the movie in the credits is entirely the origin of the Hulk, and then it shifts us to Banner trying to live without… Hulking out. The movie does focus on Banner’s human side a lot, and it proves to be just as interesting, if not even more interesting, to have Banner on screen instead of Hulk. You feel sorry for his character, which adds for a much neededpersonal effect in the fights between him and whoever’s ticked him off. However, the film doesn’t dwell on these long enough, and the movie really takes off, flinging you from battle to battle. The battle scenes are epic, the Hulk smashing apart some building, using some cop car as boxing gloves, or ripping apart Tim Roth. The movie is uber flashy, and it gives action fans craving for a good fight on a full stomach. As far as action packed superhero movies go, The Incredible Hulk delivers. Edward Norton does a great job as the dual sided Bruce Banner, and proves to be a compelling character anyone could root for. A bad thing I myself did, I began to compare this movie to the other great superhero films that came out earlier this year. Even though this film isn’t as fun as Iron Man or as compelling as The Dark Knight, it still is one of the best superhero movies I’ve seen. Of course, the man himself Stan Lee is in for the ride, and so is Lou Ferrigno, funny as always. The movie provides an excellent story and atmosphere, and still proves itself with some fast-paced action and great portrayals. Even if it’s not up to the calibur of TDK, that doesn’t mean The Incredible Hulk is not a fantastic superhero movie. I highly recommend it to anyone comic book junkie look for a fun ride on a saturday night. 

4 out of 5


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