It’s A Monkish Miracle!

October 27, 2008 at 8:58 pm (Television)

Remember that show Monk? You know, that one that came on about 2 months before Heroes came back and was lukewarm, but is now blowing us away? That show that showed up, lived with us for about 2 months, then just dumped us like a bad girlfriend? Well it’s coming back! This time with Monk’s 4th Annual Holiday special. Last year’s was great (Mr. Monk and the Man Who Shot Santa), but this year’s might be even better. This year’s is Mr. Monk and the Miracle, and according to Wikipeida, as I mispelled it on my bookmarks, it is to follow Monk being uncontrollably being drawn to this monastery (get it, monks) where he searches for a miracle. Hopefull this one wll have a deep meaning, and will give us some good holiday spirit. 

Also, for the Psych fans like myself, Psych will also being putting on a Christmas party. This year’s holiday themed-episode is “Christmas Joy”, in which Gus’ family, including his sister Joy, come to town for the holidays. When the Santa from the local mall is arrested and put in jail, a little girl comes into Psych and asks them to help get Santa out. Wow, all this talk of Christmas has me all Christmas-y, off to get the Christmas decorations.


1 Comment

  1. Hashmeer-H55 said,

    USA has the *stupidest* seasons. Btw, you misspelled “Wikipedia” and “Hopefull.”

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