Eris Quod Sum Review

October 28, 2008 at 11:17 am (Television)

After my loss of faith in Heroes, I have fully gained my respect for the show back, and now am re-addicted. I have not been this excited for the show since the glory days of Season 1. After a rocky start to the beginning of the season, the show is back in action, and continues to amaze me with great writing, twists, and action that I know, love, and still love. This week a lot of the emphasis really shifted from the Bennet/Gordon girls to Pinehearst, where a LOT of the action took place. We had Elle, Claire, Peter, Sylar, Angela, Arthur, Flint, Daphne, Maury, Mohinder, Maya, and more all converging onto this monumental structure for the show. The Petrelli family storyline for this one (which if you think of it is everyone’s storyline) was probably the best this spin around. Arthur has taken Peter’s powers, which proves to be an interesting dynamic for Peter to cope with. He tries to overcome his father, who continues to manipulate those around him. He kinda reminds me of a combination between Adam Monroe and Daniel Linderman. He tricks Mohinder into giving him Maya’s ability, and then, even after Sylar rescues Peter by his mother’s orders, is tricked by his father’s opinions to throw Peter out of the picture. However, the fact he let Peter live implies Sylar is tricking the tricker. Hiro and Ando are still in Africa, with Rafiki, I mean Usutu teaching them. Think of it as Timon and Pumbaa. The meal that Usutu provides seems to give anyone insight into the future or past. The Parkman story was also fun to watch this week. Maury’s death was genuinely sad towards the beginning, and so was Matt’s reaction. Daphne coming to kill Matt, and being unable to was nice, plus the added fight between Matt and Knox was surprising in the fake death of both Daphne and Matt. Matt’s starting to show some real power development. Daphne still working for the company, it “all being her plan” will probably come around later on and cause some serious repercussions. Mohinder’s revenge towards Sylar was great to watch, seeing all that hidden anger come back out. We haven’t seen that since Parasite. Claire and Elle’s storyline was good, it was great to have Elle back into the picture, and her loss of control is interesting to see. Even though she’s turning back over to the company, we haven’t seen the last of her. Overall, this was a fantastic episode for any classic Heroes fan. You had some great revelations, some wonderful plot twists, fast action, all the while keeping it at a steady pace to keep it fun to watch and interesting. If the rest of the season is like this, then Heroes fans are in for a great treat, especially with next week’s episode to be a flashback, chronicling how Pinehearst came to be. 

5 out of 5


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