It’s (Almost) The Most Wonderful Time of the Year…

October 30, 2008 at 4:35 pm (Weapons of Mass Enjoyment)

Well, it’s almost November, and you know what that means? That it’s almost December, and you know what that means? That it’s almost Christmas. That’s the transitive property, I learned it in Geometry. Sure, call it a bad attitude, but I am ready for Christmas to be here! Christmas is my absolute favorite time of the year, because it means gifts, cookies, themed trees, busy shopping, decorations, lights, sounds, music, and good ol’ overall cheer. I love Christmas. Last year’s Christmas was great, there were plenty of parties, presents, and photos to last all of this year. Hopefully this year’s Christmas will be even better. Last year I did the Top 25 Best Things About Christmas, and this year I’d like to do something similar. If you have any ideas for me, let me know. I also did the Top Ten Best Christmas Movies, and this year I might do the Top Ten Best Christmas Songs or something like that. Expect a lot of Christmas related posts. It’s almost creepy how fast this year’s went by. Within the next few weeks Halloween, Chili Dinners, Quantum of Solace, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Decorations, Present Wrapping, Caroling, Christmas Parties, and then Christmas will be heading our way. It’s going to be a busy two months, this is almost like the calm before the storm. Anyways, I hope you all enjoy your holiday seasons and hope you are all safe and have a great time!



  1. nolanator said,


  2. dragonshensi said,

    Love Christmas!November to me is like Christmas season also.

  3. earlman27 said,

    It really is. I don’t feel the Christmas spirit really kick in until Black Friday. However, November is great too.

  4. nolanator said,

    I start celebrating Christmas when I see Santa go by on Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade.

  5. The James said,

    ok, first of all….my inner math nerd has to point out that you completely screwed up the transitive property.

    secondly, it is not almost Christmas! Christmas is 56 days away that is almost almost 2 months (approximately 1/6 of a year)

    I love Christmas as much as the next guy, but that is the one thing that I hate about it. People start with this Christmas cheer earlier and earlier in the year and, as a result, it takes a little bit away from when it is really near. Spreading out the “Christmas season” is only watering it down. Christmas season, (in my opinion) will not start until December the 28th. (the day after thanksgiving)

    To me, November is Thanksgiving. (A holiday that is just as special to me as Christmas, even more so in some ways) So while yall start your Christmas posts early, I am gonna be doing Thanksgiving stuff.

    so, happy November!

  6. earlman27 said,

    Yea James, the Christmas season starts 3 days after Christmas. BRILLIANT!!!

  7. earlman27 said,

    I’m not saying I’m starting the Christmas season now, I’m just saying I’m preparing for it. Christmas to me doesn’t start until Black Friday. Thanksgiving might be cool, but is nothing compared to Christmas. Christmas is a month-long holiday.

  8. The James said,

    whoops…I mean november 28th

    and thought Christmas is great, the materialism behind it just takes some of the fun away

  9. earlman27 said,

    It depends on how you look at it. You can see it as a materialism-based holiday, or you can enjoy the meaning behind it, spend time with friends and family, and enjoy the gifts and give to others.

  10. The James said,

    I do enjoy Christmas, but I can’t help but be annoyed when people start with the materialism in early November buy don’t even get into the warm fuzzy feelings of Christmas until closer to time.

    You would be amazed how many people have already asked me about what I want for Christmas. Do you know what I want? What I really want for Christmas is for people to celebrate it for what it is, not what it has become.

  11. earlman27 said,

    People do celebrate it for what it is-CHRISTMAS! The joy of spending time with family and friends, and the joy of giving, that little warm feeling in your heart too. You can’t fret over other people not enjoying the holiday, because that just prevents you from enjoying it. You can over analyze the holiday into the ground, fret over what it truly is, and accuse others of “ruining it”, or you can sit back, relax, enjoy the holiday for what it really is yourself-togetherness, and enjoy Christmas man.


  12. The James said,

    Yes, its christmas. It is a day that has become all about gifts, “I want this! I want that!” people fighting other people over a stupid tickle-me-elmo or a PS3, people putting up displays way to early so they can make $$$ quicker.

    But the thing is, I enjoy christmas. In fact, I would be as bold as to cliam that I have an appreciation of christmas the likes of wich you could not understand. BUT THIS IS NOT CHRISTMAS! THIS IS NOVEMBER, IT IS TIME FOR THANKSGIVING!

    Alright! Look back over this conversation. I did not say anythjing negitive about christmas, I never said I did not like christmas. I love christmas. I simply siad that I do not like all of the materializm associated with the holiday. You are the ones who assume that I am a scrooge. You are the ones who are bringing in all of this negitives. You are the ones who have the problem.

  13. earlman27 said,

    I 100% disagree James. It’s not all about gifts with everyone. You can’t change what other people go after the holiday for. I for one enjoy Christmas for A) Gifts B) Family C) Christmas Parties. It’s that sense of belonging and fellowship with family that makes Christmas what it is. You can’t control what companies do, what people do. You’re just ruining the holiday for yourself by over analyzing it.

    Second, November and December are the Holiday season. That’s a fact. Thanksgiving and Christmas go hand in hand. In early November, we can be preparing for Christmas, there’s nothing wrong with that. That just means longer joy. What’s wrong with people celebrating the world’s happiest holiday a few weeks ahead of time?

    You’re being a scrooge because you’re over analyzing this way too much and freaking out over the materialism. WE DONT HAVE THE PROBLEM!!! You have the problem because you can’t enjoy something without blowing it out of proportion.

  14. The James said,

    You know, it’s funny. Whenever I say something that you don’t understand, you call it over-analyzing.

    I enjoy christmas. I have not let anything ruin it for me. The only reason you seem to think I am a scrooge must be that you cannot understand what I am saying. I don’t know if I am just not communicating it effectively, or if you are just not smart enough to understand, or maybe you are too young to understand. Whatever it is, just forget I said anything. I can be unhappy with the way the world does something, without letting it ruin the way I do it. Obviously you can’t understand that.

    Don’t worry about me being a scrooge, because trust me, I enjoy Christmas just as much as you. (possible more) I just enjoy it from a diffrent perspective.

  15. earlman27 said,

    I understand that. I apologize for somewhat overreacting, and hope I didn’t really offend you. I’ve just really been over thinking things lately myself, and I really just wanna enjoy this holiday. I love Christmas, and I know you do too. Merry Christmas man.

  16. nolanator said,

    Christmas is the bomb!

  17. The James said,

    I accept you apology. I did not feel offended so much as I felt attacked. I also apologize if I got overly defensive.

    I also have been finding myself doing a lot of thinking. There are some aspects of myself that I am not to fond of that need work, and this has helped show me. This is going to be a wonderful Christmas and I really hope that you savor it.

    I know I am not much older than you, only two years, but I would like to offer a bit of christmasy wisdom.

    As you get older, Christmas changes, this happens for everyone. It happens quickly and suddenly. Something is just different. It feels sad at first, like everything is wrong. It is still fun…but it will have seemed to have lost something. (for me, it happened when I was 16; I think you will be much older when it happens)

    Then you realize, change is what life is all about. What seems like a loss is really just a door, leading you to a new way to celebrate Christmas. Everything changes, not for the better….but not necessarily for the worst. You still enjoy Christmas – only differently, and with a newfound respect. (that was last Christmas for me)

    Or, you could be bitter about it and become a scrooge.

    The point is, don’t worry about when it is going to happen. Just enjoy Christmas for what it is now. And when Christmas changes for you, I hope you embrace it. (and I think you will)

    (oh, and this whole thing about me not liking the way the world celebrates Christmas….yeah, I have always been like that…it has just gotten stronger over the years. It has nothing to do with Christmas changing for me.)

    …yeah….Well, there it is. I said something that was sorta deep and overly sentimental….

    …there goes my entire sappy budget for the rest of the year. Hope you enjoyed it.

  18. earlman27 said,

    Thanks James for the insight. I myself have had a rough time lately overthinking things. I overthought so much, and I ended up worrying over the past. I’ve just been so blessed, and I became obsessed with making the new year just as fun, when I should have just relaxed. I really hope I enjoy Christmas, and hope you do to. Sorry if I came off as a butt, I just get crazy sometimes.

  19. The James said,

    its all good…we are both a little crazy

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