My Top Ten Gripes/Thankfullities

November 30, 2008 at 7:41 pm (Top Ten, Weapons of Mass Enjoyment)

  Yea, I know, it’s a little late. Thanksgiving was last Thursday, but I was rather busy during those few days and never got around to doing a real Thankful post. So I decided I would do one now before December starts. By the way, Happy December everybody. I thought it would be fun to list my top ten gripes in life, and then, to round things out on a cheery note, list my top ten things I’m thankful for. 

10. The (Insert Genre Here)–Movie Doofs that keep cranking out these atrocious movies that only 13 yr old teenagers and people with horrible conceptions of comedy go to see. The only purposes these movies serve are to be the pimple on cinema’s butt.

9. The people at Wal-mart that either break the accessories to the games on purpose (I ought to punch you in your groin) or the little ones that don’t know what they’re doing, and then when I try to help and take over, their parents get mad at me. Listen bro, I’m trying to get your copy of Wario Land Shake It to work!

8.  My DVR when it doesn’t record the right programming, or when it refuses to comply with my demands. WORK MACHINERY

7. AC/DC-To be honest, it’s in part the band. But it’s also ESPN’s over playing of their songs. Every single football montage is either AC DC’s “For Those About to Rock We Salute You”, “Iron Man”, or “Back in Black”. Also, why is it that the football commentators look like they could either play football or take a cup of steroids.

6. Doofs that don’t know how to drive safely and responsibly

5. People that don’t understand certain elements of humor

4. CERTAIN TEENAGERS or just teenagers in high school in general unwilling to learn that won’t shut their traps and listen.

3. These people that go to die-in restaurants and leave huge messes on their tables, leave their chairs sprawled out all over the place, or act all rude when they come up to pay their cashier. I work in a store like this, and it really ticks me off.

2. These people that sit through movies texting, chatting away, or laughing some loudly I can’t hear or pay attention to the movie, I’m so distracting by them. Both Duct tape and morning showings were designed for you people.

1. I’ll go ahead and say it. Airheads. Girls that go around OMG!!! MY BFF JUST TEXTED ME! DID YOU SEE WHAT SHE WAS WEARING TODAY!!! OH MY GAAA!!! Reading? Who needs knowledge when I can coast through life with looks and marry some rich guy? Okay, don’t think I’m singling out cheerleaders, or popular girls. I’ve met both, some are really cool, some aren’t. I like intelligent conversations without every 4 seconds having to be me explaining what the word “and” means. I like girls with intelligence, looks come in second. If you’re the pretty girl with a brain the size of a walnut, I don’t hate you by any means, I just don’t like you near as much as the pretty girl who’s smarter than me. 

Top Ten Things I’m Thankful For-

10. Morgan Freeman

9. ITunes’ extensive library

8. The morning paper

7. Great Talent in TV, Movies, and Video Games

6. My opportunities in school

5. The excellent cooking talent in my family

4. The Christmas Season

3. I am surrounded by excellent sources of humor around me that give me a mouthful of laughs every day. I’m not funny, but I sure am around some hilarious people.

2. My wonderful community of family and friends that support me each and every day. 

1. My Heavenly Father whom I have to thank for all of this. 

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The End of Monk?

November 29, 2008 at 6:14 pm (Television)

I’m tryin’ to hold back the tears. Monk has been one of my favorite television shows for the past 3 years, and it looks like it might have officially run its course and come to its end on USA Network. (USA Network, watch your back.) The most recent episode of Monk aired last Friday, “Mr. Monk and the Miracle”, which proved to be a very entertaining and funny Monk endeavor. Nothing is confirmed, in fact USA Network is advertising for upcoming Monk episodes, but the season finale, according to Wikipedia, is “Mr. Monk and the Car Bomber Parts 1 and 2”, which will both air on the same night, meaning it will be a 2 hr finale. Rumors have went around that this would be the last season, but the lone title of that episode leads me to believe this is the end of Monk. If it’s true, then Monk has definitely went out on a high note, and definitely at the right time, before milking both the show and the character dry. I hope this isn’t the end for Monk, but if it is (I think it will), then let’s hope they end the show right, with lots of cleaning.  

UPDATE-Sorry, I wrote this post a little too soon. I was just researching through Wikipedia, and USA has confirmed that there will be an 8th Season, however that season will be the last. It is said the decision to end the show was mutual, along with for some financial reasons. The writers also say that the last 16 episodes will center on Monk discovering Trudy’s killer, in the end solving the murder. This helps explain the Season 7 finale, as it might serve as a leadup to the entirety of Season 8.

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Happy Thanksgiving/Black Friday

November 27, 2008 at 2:38 pm (Weapons of Mass Enjoyment)

Ah Thanksgiving, you have to love it. It’s a time for families to gather and enjoy eachother’s company. A time to feed our faces with turkey and dressing, a time to look over the Black Friday Ads in the newspaper, and a time to sit back and sleep all those calories off. I love Thanksgiving, it allows myself and my family to join and have fun. To relax, watch a movie or two, and set our minds towards the upcoming mother of all holidays, Christmas. A time to tell eachother what we want for Christmas, and make plans for the month to come. It’s actually quite beautiful when you think about it. Then there’s Black Friday, the exact opposite of beautiful. A time for people to beat the living snot out of others for $10 off already reduced prices. I have to admit, it is a lot of fun to just sit at home and watch the news footage of people goin’ at eachother. I hope all of you guys have a great thanksgiving, and a great month to come. So go, rent a movie, eat as much as you want, and enjoy your family. Happy Holidays everyone.

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Heroes-The Eclipse Part 1 Review

November 27, 2008 at 2:02 pm (Television)

This week’s Heroes directly followed up last week’s “It’s Coming” with more of a “It’s Here”, and the results… are mixed, but ultimately satisfying. This episode was one of those actually really satisfying “This person’s here… this one’s here…” effort, with a lot of characters in a lot of different places. Matt and Daphne were in Kansas along with Hiro and Ando, and were coping with the Eclipse in their own ways. Hiro, in the mind of a 10 year old, almost smartly came off as a Sensei to Matt, inspired by his preteen mind. Matt had difficulty coping without his abilities, and when finally confronting the hiding Daphne, was shocked along with therest of the audience that she had a handicap before her powers, ultimately re-emerging during the Eclipse. Initially I really disliked this plot choice, but after thinking over it (and reading the new novel) I kinda likethe choice, it allows the viewer to feel some sympathy for her character, even if it’s a really haphazard move, which is what I didn’t like originally. At the end of the episode, Hiro and Ando met up with my new favorite characters, Seth Green and Breckin Meyer, who, even though they only had two lines of dialogue, look to bring some humor and life into the finale. Peter and Nathan were also on a mission this week to go find the Haitian, and they ran into some trouble once the Eclipse took their powers, and Nathan is taken captive by Samedi. It looks like Peter and The Haitian will be on a classic mission next week to rescue him. The sibling squabbles between the two were fun, but, like a lot of the rest of the season, some of the conflicts and arguments just didn’t really make sense. Probably the best storyline though was that between Sylar, Elle, Claire, and Mr. Bennet. Bennet was training Claire, and Sylar and Elle came in to break up the fun. Watching all the Heroes try to use their powers, then shift to just regular old gunplay and slow motion was really interesting to see. Both Sylar and Claire having to face the fact they no longer had powers proved to be a unique concept.However, once again, the writers create this spur of the moment make out between Sylar and Elle, which, like a lot of other choices, didn’t make too much sense. Now Claire’s dying, and it looks to be a big focus next week. Despite any poor choices in writing, the episode did contain a lot of fun action and story developments, which was really this episode’s highlight. Hopefully next week’s episode can turn some things around, get the story tidied up, and start to organize things for the upcoming war between the Heroes and the Villains.

It’s really become clear what the big problem this season is. It’s not too fast of a story, it’s just that the story’s not well thought out. Character choices aren’t as clear, decisions are thoughtless, and it just doesn’t seem like the writers know as much as they use to when they’re writing these supposedly 15 episode arcs. Maybe they can get things under control and get Heroes where it needs to be, a cool, thoughtful superhero storyline. 

4 out of 5

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Fred Claus Review

November 26, 2008 at 5:56 pm (Movies)

After watching this movie, I am fully in the holiday spirit. That may or may not effect my final score. I was a little shaky on this movie at first, but after seeing it I liked it a lot more than I thought I would. Even the cover and menu of the DVD led me to think “Wow, this movie’s gonna stink”, but I was so wrong. This movie ended up providing a comedic, heartwarming, and clever Christmas story that has earned its right to be one of my favorite Christmas movies of all time. The plot’s about Fred (Vince Vaughn), the ill-gotten brother of Santa Claus (Paul Giamatti), who, tired of getting in trouble with the law and outliving his brother’s shadow decides to come up north and work for him so he can get some money for a new apartment, and a new get rich quick scheme. I really liked the casting in this holiday film. Paul Giamatti, who would think he could be Santa? But, purposefully or not, I will be picturing Santa as Mr. Giamatti himself. Vince Vaughn is also pretty funny as the ne’er-do-well brother. One thing I didn’t like too much about the film was the really strong juvenile humor often present in the film. The little sound effects here and there, and the kiddy vibes were really strong at times during the first half of the film, but towards the final act the more sophisticated fine-tuned humor came into play, along with the really heart-warming aspect of the story. You care more for the characters, choices are clearer, and the story really begins to grip you. Some of the jokes were actually really funny-Mall Santa Chase, Most of Vaughn’s Jokes, the confrontations between Giamatti and Vaugh, etc., but, as stated earlier, some just fell flat. Also, thanks to Elizabeth Banks as Santa’s Little Helper, not all of my thoughts about the North Pole would land on the nice list…. Anyway……. Kathy Bates is in it too….. Yea…. The movie starts out with this basic premise but it adds onto it and develops it into a great Christmas movie. One of the great things about the movie was the fact that it takes this great Christmas formula, and then it adds this really funny addition to it, while performing that really well and, in the end, creating a fun Christmas story the whole family can watch and have a great time with. Overall, I honestly didn’t like Fred Claus  at the beginning of the tale because of some offbeat humor and the fact that the tone was all over the place, but towards the end I began to like it more and more, and in the end, consider it one of my favorite Christmas movies. So this Christmas, cuddle up with your family, and rent Elf. If they don’t have it, this will be a fine substitute. 

4 out of 5

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Heroes-Villains Tribute

November 26, 2008 at 10:13 am (Television)

Even though Heroes Season 3 hasn’t been the best season in writing, it has definitely had the most action and fast pace to it. So I’ve decided I want to do a big tribute to Heroes Volume 3, Villains, with a really good song. I’m gonna end up waiting until the end of the volume to do it, but until then I’ll be downloading the best clips, other montages, and songs trying to find the best fit. Right now I’m leaning with The Fray’s “You Found Me”, but might end up finding a better fitting song. If anyone has a really good idea, feel free to let me know.

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The Fray (2009 Album) Preview

November 24, 2008 at 4:12 pm (Music)


One of my favorite new bands is The Fray, a alternative rock ballad group that cranked out a lot of great songs like “Dead Wrong”, “She Is”, “All at Once”, and the widely-popular “How To Save a Life”. I liked “How to Save A Life” so much I picked up the album last year, and immediately became a fan of the group. Their harmonious, powerful lyrics with such a strong message carry a lot of weight and provoke me to think a lot. Now their new album is on the way, and I am pumped. Simply titled “The Fray”, the regular version carries 12 songs, one of which, “You Found Me” is already available for either pre-ordering the CD or a standalone purchase. From what I’ve heard, “You Found Me” and the rest of the CD look to be excellent additions to the rest of the library of excellent Fray songs. The album, along with a deluxe version full of extra music videos and acoustic versions, is expected to release on February 3rd of 2009. The full setlist for the new album is viewable below.

  1. Syndicate
  2. Absolute
  3. You Found Me
  4. Say When
  5. Never Say Never
  6. When the Story Ends
  7. Enough for Now
  8. UnGodly Hour
  9. We Build Then we Break
  10. Happiness
  11. Fair Fight
  12. Enough for Now (Acoustic)

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My Favorite Christmas Ads Volume I

November 24, 2008 at 4:01 pm (Television, Video)

AH HAH! I figured out one thing I could do this year for Christmas. Every Monday, I will do a different volume of my favorite Christmas commercials. Some from years past, some new ones, and some classics. Hope you enjoy, Merry Christmas!

The first is the old Christmas ad for Apple back from last year’s Christmas. 

The next is a classic Coke Ad from 2006.

The final is a Big Lots Christmas Ad. 

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My Christmas Series-The “Bueller” Stage

November 23, 2008 at 2:13 pm (Weapons of Mass Enjoyment)

Last year I did a ‘Top 25 Things About Christmas”, and I really enjoyed that. I believed it worked out really well, and I was proud of the results. Now, Christmas is coming to us again, and it’s time to put the decorations back up, the cards go back out, and the all the children (and me) are giddy once again. I’m trying to think of a good series, similar to last year’s, to do this year. Last year I also did the Top Ten Christmas Movies, and would like to either redo that or do something like Top Ten Christmas Songs on one of the days. I might end up doing “Top Christmas Experiences” or “Top Ten Christmas Must-Sees”. The real reason I wanted to do this was to throw out ideas, and see what you all thought. If you have any ideas for me, let me know. I’d appreciate any and all ideas. Unless they’re from Babs or Iggy.

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My Apple Love Affair

November 23, 2008 at 1:48 pm (Music, The Way Earl Sees It)

It’s almost Christmas time, which, according to my mom, means I need to start accumulating items for my Christmas list. Asides from The Dark Knight (picture like one big list with the words “THE DARK KNIGHT” etched in blood at the top where I wrote with my finger), I’ve really been interested in getting an Ipod. I really didn’t start a music obsession until about 3 months ago, when I started working for my Spanish teacher, and was able to rummage through his Itunes library. About 2 years ago I unexpectedly got a MP3 player for Christmas. I had looked at them before, but never really upgraded from my CD player. The player was really nice, had about 300 MB, and greatly served by basic music needs. I put a few songs on it, and I love it. But as my music collection grew, the memory on the player shrunk. I really don’t have enough room on there for my entire music collection (about 700 MB and growing), so that’s really why I’ve turned to Ipods. I like the idea of the Ipod Classic, the ability to easily fit all of my music, download a few videos, and even put some tv shows and movies on there. It seems like a lot of today’s media is being geared towards this digital age, and Itunes is the preverbal messiah. So, if I planned and hoped on getting an Ipod, I would have to familiarize myself with it’s software. That’s where it began. I downloaded Safari about 5 months ago, but it was nowhere near the euphoria I got from adding my album artwork to Itunes. I now have all of my music in a very convenient, sleek, and stylish format that plays them in a top-notch quality. (See below pics-that’s actually my music collection.) I’ve rummaged through the Itunes Store, and see the easy access they allow. Just give them a credit card number, charge one of all the songs for just 99 cents, a $9 album, or a $3 episode of TV. You can even put games on your Ipod. There’s so much that Apple has provided for their market, I love it. They provide this great library of content that is easily accessible full of the latest in tv (ind. episodes or seasons), movies (that you can rent of buy), little games, full albums from 15 years ago, just lists and lists of stuff that would make any nerd happy. Apple, I salute you. I could spend days just rummaging through Itunes. I have my own podcast to watch-Adam Sessler, you’re my hero, and have made my own playlist. Did I mention I could spend days just rummaging through Itunes? Hopefully if I do get an Ipod I’ll be able to keep all that style and organization and preserve, and carry it over to the Ipod. If or if not, it will still be a Merry Christmas, even if I have to start an Itunes-Anonymous. 

itunes1 itunes2

itunes3 itunes4


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Kung Fu Panda Review

November 22, 2008 at 9:33 am (Movies)

Don’t worry. There’s no charge for the awesome contained in this review. If you watched Kung Fu Panda, you have a better chance of getting that joke. Although Kung Fu Panda may not be any WALL E, it still proves to be an epic-ly fun and interesting 1 1/2 hour kung-fu adventure. The story follows Po (Jack Black), a panda who dreams of being a martial arts master, but has some trouble getting there working in his father(the infamous James Hong)’s noodle kitchen. He sneaks off to the ceremony of the dragon warrior, and is picked by the great Master Oogway. Although he is initially rejected by the furious five and Master Shifu, he is eventually respected and pinned with the monumental task of taking down Tai Lung.

One thing I really respected about this movie was the excellent voice work. Angelina Jolie, Jackie Chan, Dustin Hoffman, Lucy Liu, David Cross, Wayne Knight, and Micheal Clarke Duncan all appear and do excellently in their parts. However it was the talent by comedic mastermind Seth Rogen,  Ian McShane, and of course, Jack Black, who is perfect for the role. The movie also really well combines both comedy andaction. I was rolling with laughter at some times, other times I was just awe-struck at the brilliantly dazzling action movements and graceful animation. Jack Black really proves to be the comedic powerhouse of this film. However, the rest of the cast prove their comedic chops for a kids’ movie. Only thing is though, the comedy isn’t really as focused on as much as I thought it would be. It focused a lot more on the lessons of kung-fu and the such, while stirring in a few cups of comedy. The end result is definitely a fine soup of fine animation.

Like with WALL E, the producers and designers really put forth a lot of effort into this movie. The entire environment is really beautiful and provides this antique Chinese feel. Plus, the animation proves to be fluid and realistic. You also really get the sense the people who worked on this had a lot of fun making it. When I first started to watch the film, I thought about what James said, how they didn’t focus on the Furious Five enough. I understand where he’s coming from. The Furious FIve get a lot of screen time, but some of them just come off as 2 dimensional. You think they had these back stories in mind, they just didn’t use them. I really think if this movie was 2 hours long, it could have fully told those given a back story, etc. Kung Fu Panda is still a great movie at 1 1/2 hours though. The movie definitely succeeds at being a very funny, yet very fluid and fast-paced action film. Overall, if you’re looking for a great movie to rent on a Friday night, or just want to see a really good example of how animation should be done, Kung Fu Panda is the movie for you to see. It proves how to provide a fun atmosphere for kids, and provide a plethora of jokes and action that both kids and adults will love. Ska-doosh. 

4 out of 5

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30 Rock Love

November 22, 2008 at 9:33 am (Quotes, Television, Video)

For probably about 2 years now, I’ve been hooked on NBC’s Thursday night line up, Comedy Night Done RIght. However, I usually would only watch My Name is Earl and The Office. But, after months of Colt bragging about and recommending, I finally gave in to 30 Rock, the other show on the comedy lineup. I now love it more than My Name is Earl. This show is hilarious. The premise is that Liz Lemmon and Jack work for NBC, and are constantly having troubles with others, their shows, or the people around them. There’s Jack (Alec Baldwin) who’s always in for a good deal, Liz (Tina Fey) who just has her own ways with men, Tracy Jordan (Tracy Morgan) the local rich but crazy guy, and my favorite, Kenneth, the farmboy who just does good all the time. The show also provides several great guest stars-Steve Martin, Oprah Winfrey,  Jerry Seinfeld, etc. It’s a different style from Earl-flat out offensive comedy, and THe Office-Dry humor, but 30 Rock’s a more situational comedy. I highly recommend the show to anyone looking for a good laugh.  For instance, last night’s had a Public Service Announcement about the benefit of sex dolls, how they can save lives. Below are some of the great quotes from the show, along with some of Kenneth’s and the Second Season’s finest moments-

Kenneth-I will replace your pants Jack-They cost $2500 Kenneth-I will FIND your pants


Kenneth[Excited about cable TV] There’s a whole channel on the cable that just tells you what’s on the other channels!
Jack: I know, Kenneth. It’s okay.
Kenneth: I’m glad I’m not a white man, Mr. Donaghy. …Is Spongebob Squarepants supposed to be terrifying?
Jack: You’re darn right he is, Kenneth.
Jack: What do you take to fly?
Liz: Candy and magazines.
Jack: No no. Pills. Nobody flies without medication anymore. Why shouldn’t you enjoy the same luxuries as a dog?
Liz: Comanaprosil? May cause dizziness, sexual nightmares, and sleep crime.
Jack: It’s very good.


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Heroes Eclipse Clips… AND HAITIAN

November 22, 2008 at 8:47 am (Television)


This week’s Heroes looks to take an interesting turn, as all the Heroes will have lost their abilities due to an eclipse coming through the sky. Matt will go after Hiro, Nathan and Peter are out to find the Haitian, and Elle and Sylar are out to get Claire. I’m also really excited because Seth Green (Chris, Family Guy) and Breckin Meyer will be guest starring. But most importantly… THE HAITIAN IS BACK!!! Below are some clips, and THE HAITIAN!!! 

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Guitar Hero World Tour “Risky Business” Commercial

November 21, 2008 at 9:07 pm (Television, Video)

This is one of my new favorite commercials. Alex Rodriguez, Tony Hawk, Micheal Phelps, and Kobe Bryant are paying their tribute to “Risky Business” and “Guitar Hero 4” with this just down right cool and hilarious commercial. It’s now my new favorite commercial. Now all we need is like a Seinfeld, Heroes, or other version.

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Scrubs-ABC’s No Superman

November 20, 2008 at 9:31 pm (Television)

One of my favorite shows that used to air on NBC was Scrubs, the doctor comedy centering around JD, a new doctor learning the ropes in both medicine and life lessons. The show provided some incredible laughs and even supplied some ferociously tough emotional moments that helped you to sympathize with the doctors and Sacred Heart. Each character was different and hilarious in their own way. (You’ll notice my icon is the Janitor from the show, with his festive santa hat for the holidays-“You Won’t ruin my Christmas… again.”) However, due to some conflicts with NBC, the seventh season was the last for the show on that particular network. However, now the show is being picked up by ABC, along with the original cast, and the show’s lead, Bill Lawrence. Hopefully the show can continue it’s fine magic, even if it’s on a different channel. Also on the unfortunate side, Zach Braff, the man behind the lead character JD, has stated that he will not return after the 8th Season, and neither will Judy Reyes, another core cast member. Even Bill Lawrence has expressed doubt in returning. ABC has even thought about creating a new cast for the show after the 8th Season. This is my plea to ABC-If both Braff and Lawrence leave, it’s time to quit. Let the show die, and let it quit while it’s ahead. Don’t keep the shenanigan going and run it into the ground. Scrubs is a great and in my book classic show, please do not ruin it for me or any other Scrubs fan around the world. Scrubs’ seventh season was great, and hopefully, with the involvement of everyone on the show, the 8th will be just as good. The 8th season premieres Tuesday, January 6th, on ABC at 8:00 PM. 2 episodes will run together each week until they find a suitable partner to run it with.

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