Superpower Poll

November 8, 2008 at 6:55 pm (Polls)




I was listening some Heroes commentaries last night, so I figured it would be a pretty fun idea to do a poll about superpowers. So, answer below which superpower you would most like to have. Remember, no part of your life changes, except that you have this ability, also you might have to keep in secret from some companies



  1. earlman27 said,

    The funny thing is after watching Heroes I can’t choose any of these without thinking of the remote consequences.

  2. The James said,

    I picked telekinesis, cause its awesome

  3. earlman27 said,

    I picked Empathic Mimicry, even though in Heroes it usually leads to power overload and immediate death.

    In Heroes, you can break people’s necks with telekinesis.

  4. nolanator said,

    I wouldn’t mind having them all.

  5. earlman27 said,

    Come on, wouldn’t it be cool to go invisible, to fall 100 feet without a scratch, to run through fire, to create fire, to paint the future, etc?

  6. The James said,

    in X-Men if you are strong with telekinesis, you can move yourself with your mind….flight!

  7. dragonshensi said,

    I would like electricity, or flames!

  8. nolanator said,

    Having any kind of super power would be cool.

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