Time To Stand Behind, Or Get Out of the Way

November 8, 2008 at 9:51 am (The Way Earl Sees It)

I’m sure any and everyone reading this post know who won the election this past Tuesday. I even made a post about it earlier this week. Barack Obama from Illinois was the victor of the historical election, and I’ll let you know something: I’m glad he won. I believe it’s great to have a black president, and we should have had one years ago. However, I live in Tennessee, and it is full of racist people. Why are they racist? I don’t know, I don’t even think they know. I had my ears filled with the jibber jabber of racist neanderthals who repeatedly used the incredibly derogatory term for African Americans, and knew they weren’t voting for him. I’ll admit it, I don’t like agree with Obama 100%, I didn’t agree with McCain 100%. However, I agreed with Obama more, and that’s why I supported him over McCain. Wednesday after the election was even worse. People groaning, so physically upset because Obama had won, saying they didn’t want a n- in office. I was one of the few people that now supported Obama, and quite frankly, I believe we all should now. It doesn’t matter if you supported him then, it doesn’t matter if you supported him 21 months ago when he announced his presidency, it doesn’t matter if you supported him Tuesday night and got down on your knees praying for McCain to win. The fact of the matter is that Barack Obama, a senator from Illinois, is now our president, the president of the United States of America. We can accuse, whine, insult all we want, we can say horrible things about him, hope awful things happen, but that doesn’t change anything.I got an email from a friend whining about how Obama’s a dictator, how he plans on ruining our country. I told him that his attitude is what is hurting our country, and is what is helping put our country in the situation it is in right now. That’s division of the country, and it is wrong. Like I said, I wasn’t an Obama fan, I’m saying this to you all as much as I am myself. I didn’t support him fully, but now that he is president, I, along with everyone else in the country, should support him now. Obama is our president now, and there’s nothing anyone can do to change it. If you didn’t support Obama in the race and hated that he got president, suck it up, get over it, get behind him, or get out of the way. Obama has some good ideas for the country, and I believe he’s gonna do all in his power to help us out of these hard times, you may not believe the same, but if you’re the one sitting in a corner throwing a little tantrum because you didn’t get your way, you need to look at what’s really important-Supporting the future leader of this country, or pouting because your guy didn’t get the win.



  1. The James said,

    I did not support him during the election. I thought he was wrong for the country then, and I think the same thing now. This has nothing to do with race. I did not think McCain was the best choice either, but I think he is the lesser of two evils.

    However, I will not whine, I knew he was gonna win…it was no contest. I have accepted it, and I hope he does a good job.

    But here is my question….where was this attitude when bush was in presidency? You were sitting around making jokes about how stupid you thought he was, not supporting him. Just as you would if McCain was president right now.

  2. earlman27 said,

    To be honest with you James, I thought about that. I did make fun of Bush, and I shouldn’t have, even though I don’t believe Bush was doing the best job he could have done. I’m more wise and mature since 2004.

  3. nolanator said,

    I don’t like Obama and I hate that he won. In fact, here’s a joke about him:

    I heard a redneck voted for Obama because he said : if you put a G at the beginning of his name, you get Go Bama!”

  4. earlman27 said,

    I didn’t like him a lot either, but the fact that he is president means that we should support him.

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