What I Expect-Quantum of Solace

November 8, 2008 at 8:27 pm (Movies)


This is a little series I’d like to start where, whenever a new sequel or prominent piece of entertainment is scheduled to release in the near future, I call out what I hope to find in it. This may be something I come to do every week, or come to hate, I’ll decide. 

This week marks not the release of a bunch of zoo animals heading to one of the world’s largest continents, or some vampires making out, this week is just 100% pure American guy fun: Some British dude making out with other women, blowing stuff up, and seeking revenge. Of course I’m talking Quantum of Solace, the newest Bond film set to release this Friday. The plot takes place hours after Casino Royale, where Bond is set out to get answers for Vesper Lynd’s death. He is also set out to take down the terrorist group known as Quantum, which played a big part in Royale. I absolutely loved Casino Royale, and come to hope a few things from Quantum of Solace-


  • Faster Pacing-One of the few things kinda quirky with Royale was the pacing. The story didn’t really seem to cover much in 2 hours, which was okay, but maybe a broader story would help Solace.
  • More Global Feel-In Royale, bond went to Madagascar, Italy, and MonteNegro. That about covered it. Maybe in this next one, Bond will end up in more exotic or different locals.
  • More Jaw-Dropping Moments-Even though Royale carried quite a punch in action, from what I’ve seen in Solace, the movie looks to have more “Well That Was Cool” moments, and hopefully that will turn out to be true. 
  • JUDI DENCH-I want her and Morgan Freeman to narrate my life. She can do my thoughts, he can do my actions. 
  • Witty Daniel Craig Moments-One of the great parts of Daniel Craig’s Bond portrayal was his wittiness, his smart remarks even in the face of danger and death, so hopefully he’ll continue that trend in this new installment. 
  • Great Music-This is probably the one I’m most concerned about. In Royale they used the theme of “You Know My Name” which was really great for the film. This time they’re using “Another Way to Die” by Alicia Keys and Jack White. From what I’ve heard so far it sounds good. Each theme has to smoothly carry the action, as it will be played often.


Don’t get me wrong, I won’t hate the movie or dislike it if these things are absent. The real purpose of this series is to give suggestions and show what I’m looking for. I’ll probably like Solace no matter what, and hopefully it will leave me shaken, not stirred (sorry for the lame joke) this Friday in theaters.


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