Heroes-“Villains” Review

November 11, 2008 at 12:07 pm (Television)

Despite what some reviewers say, this week’s Heroes episode moved the series forward by looking to the past. The episode was basically what Hiro saw as he was whisked back to the past by Usutu’s future paste that lets you see the past or the future. The episode focused on three different storylines: The first based on Meredith and Flint’s tumultuous past, second on Noah and Elle’s involvement with Sylar’s origin, and the third focused on the faked death of Arthur Petrelli. All 3 proved to be great fun, shedding some light on newer characters, while having some truly brilliant tie-ins to past episodes. Meredith was revealed in thisepisode to be Flint’s sister, and it was further explained her involvement in the company. She went in with them, became an agent, betrayed them for her brother, then was released after Thompson realized her involvement with Claire, just as we see Claire classically running into the burning train (the train wreck her mother caused). The second storyline with Sylar was fun to see with Sylar’s good side seeming to have a deeper root. Plus, the fact that Bennet and Elle created that monster is actually really poetic. The final storyline that appeared was that of the Petrelli’s, which was probably the most confusing. After Arthur tried to kill Nathan, Angela devises a way to save her family, and ends up not finishing the job, even though she is told so by one of his disciples. Plus, at the end of the episode in the present, it is led to believe that Arthur has killed (ripped off his head) Usutu, and is going for Hiro for some reason, leaving the episode on a giant cliffhanger. The episode strongly re-enforced the current situations, making them stronger instead of just thrown together. Although some of the storlyines could be seen as conflicting, when you really look through certain characters’ eyes it becomes clear how their motives and desires came to be. As always with flashback episodes, this one succeeded. The promo for next week also blew me away, as it’s really enforcing the good vs. evil motif. The eclipse is coming, and who knows what power that will have over the Heroes? Overall, this week’s episode proved to be a ton of great support for the current storylines, and even though didn’t quite resemble current motives as clearly, was still great fun to be had seeing our old favorites in their less-troubled versions. 

4 1/2 out of 5


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  1. dragonshensi said,

    Very good episode.

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