007: Quantum of Solace Review

November 15, 2008 at 9:27 pm (Movies)


This holiday season, cuddle up next to the fireplace with your beloved family, tell them how much you love them, sip some hot chocolate, then invite them to go see the latest action round-a-bout with Daniel Craig as the ultimate spy, James Bond, in 007: Quantum of Solace. James Bond is back this time out for revenge. The first direct sequel in the 22 movie-long franchise picks up directly after Casino Royale, and the man with a license to kill is out to find answers for the death of Vesper Lynd. Along the way he’s running through burning hotels, flying planes, shooting cops, ramping boats, and so much more. If you’re looking for an action fix, this movie will satisfy your deep hunger. Just like Casino Royale, the movie provides Bourne-esque fast paced, brutal and breathless action takes throughout the film. It felt like every 5 minutes Bond would encounter some rough goon and would have to throw him through some window, shoot him with his own gun, or dangle him by his own head over a burning pile of rubble. Daniel Craig returns and continues to impress as a premature, deep-conflicted Bond, Giancarlo Giannini comes into the action as Bond’s feminine fatale in this pick, attracting the eyes as much with her looks as her kick-buttery. Mathieu Amalric serves as a great Bond villain, and of course, who could forget the classic Judi Dench as M. Some are complaining over Bond’s personality in this installment, stating he’s not built or the guy for revenge. The woman he loved was just killed, and everything he knew, was tortured over, and fought for in Casino Royale was, in part, a lie. How would you feel? If you’re James Bond, you’re feeling a little trigger-happy, and that’s just how Bond comes off in this thriller. He’s quick to go with the punches, kill a goon here or there, or cause a few unnecessary casualties. You really feel this deep resent and pain he’s experiencing every time he deals a punch without even the slightest flinch or blink. The movie provides these macho action scenes, but also provides the style and flair of your regular Bond-romp. The theme used in the last Bond film, Chris Cornell’s “You Know My Name” was excellent and stuck in my head for weeks, but is well-replaced by Alicia Keys’ “Another Way to Die” in the brilliant opening credits. One thing I really enjoyed about Solace that I didn’t really find in Casino was that in this installment there were a lot of different and more exotic locals, really giving you this global sense. The only problem I found was that sometimes the plot can get really confusing; you kinda forget what’s going on in the big explosions. Casino Royale really set the bar for the new set of Bond films, and Solace delivers and keeps the new series going strong. Even though it may that golden gun, it still proves to be a stylish, quick, brutal and breathless action romp that Bond fans everywhere will love.

4 out of 5



  1. nolanator said,

    Meh. I’m not really into James Bond.

  2. dragonshensi said,

    Didn’t like the first so not planning on seeing this one.

  3. earlman27 said,

    If you like the first, you’ll love the second. To each his own though.

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