Heroes-“It’s Coming” Review

November 18, 2008 at 11:42 am (Television)

Last week’s flashback episode of “Villains” provided a good back story, and then its promo for this week got you pumped up for this big event, this monumental episode that was going to get you ready for the events to come. That was partially true. At it’s best, “It’s Coming” provided some great future storyline promises and some really cool moments, but at others the episode made some really bad decisions with the story, and it kinda left you questioning “Why’d they do that?” The main nuisance for me was Hiro’s plot line. This whole season he’s been trying to save the world… again, and then he gets attacked by Arthur. This somehow causes him to keep his power, Arthur somehow gets teleportation, and Hiro thinks he’s 10. Although it’s a bad plot choice, it was really fun and funny to see Oka rampage as a juvenile, and hopefully it can be resolved quickly and lead up to something more important. Matt and Daphne in this episode progressed as far as their relationship goes, and were able to free Angela from her prison. This was also kinda cool to watch, but wasn’t as climactic as some scenes with Matt before. Peter and Claire fended off Knox and Flint, and escaped to Primatech with Angela as well. Those were really the only drags. Nathan had so good heart-to-heart time with Arthur, where he tried to explain his plan of giving everyone powers to “save the world”. Sylar and Elle also had a really cool meeting this week. She was able to vent her anger on him, and ultimately relieve herself of her pain, and share it with Sylar. However, the most important plot development came from Mohinder and Arthur, sort of like an underlying cause. The formula isn’t working, and it’s discovered there’s a catalyst that needs to be taken in. That, and an eclipse is coming, which is suggested by the promos to be some of sort of power-negator. The coolest moment occurs when both sides are officially formed, a line is drawn between the heroes and the villains, and the title is called “It’s Coming”. Hopefully the final 4 episodes of the season can deliver some dramatic elements, cool plot twists, and intense and meaningful action. Until then, “It’s Coming” was a good episode, just didn’t really do much but state the fact that, “It’s Coming”.

3 1/2 out of 5



  1. dragonshensi said,

    Oh come on! A 3 1/2!? the ending alone with all the villains and heroe walking in should given it a 4!

  2. earlman27 said,

    It just wasn’t up to par with previous episodes. That last moment was awesome though.

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