Rocker, Fireproof, Ember, College, Righteous, Death, Terrace, Dangerous, Reading, Pineapple, and Traitor Boxarts

November 19, 2008 at 3:55 pm (DVD, Movies)

A slew of new movies have had boxarts shown for them, and it’s gotten to the point where I could make one big collection-al post. The first is Rainn Wilson’s The Rocker, set to release January 27th, along with the Christian Drama Fireproof. The family adventure City of Ember will release January 20th. The Drake Bell comedy College will graduate January 27th. De Niro’s Righteous Kill will debut on January 6th. Death Race will race in December 23rd. Lakeview Terrace will move in January 13th. Bangkok Dangerous will fire away January 6th. Burn After Reading will be burned December 23rd. Pineapple Express will smoke on in January 6th. Finally, Don Cheadle’s Traitor will run in December 19th. All boxarts are viewable below.

therockerr1artworkpic1 fireproofr1artworkpic1 deathracefinalr1artpic2 lakeviewterracer1art bangkokdangerdvdart21

burnafterreadingr1artpic2 cityofemberr1artworkpic colleger1artworkpic righteouskillr1artworkpic1 traitorr1artworkpic1 pineappleexpressartr1


1 Comment

  1. nolanator said,

    The boxart for The Rocker looks gay. But I’ll probably get it anyway.

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