WALL E Review

November 19, 2008 at 9:52 pm (Movies)

How does Pixar do it? If I were to come to you and say “The Earth will be desolate and forgotten in 700 years and it will be up to a trash collecting robot to save us”, without Pixar you’d say “You’re nuts”, but thanks to WALL E, it all makes sense. The latest Pixar offering provides mystery, suspense, plenty of comedy, and a heartfelt story that will make you want to cheer. The year is 2700, the earth is barren of a population, with only WALL E to pick up trash and to amuse himself all alone, which provides for the best part of the film. Seeing WALL E roam about, humor himself with random trinkets and gadgets and watch Mary Poppins could be a movie in of itself. Pretty soon, WALL E meets up with EVE, a robot sent to find any life on the forgotten planet. Soon enough, WALL E and EVE become entangled together, and are trying to save the crewship housing all the humans, the AXIOM, and trying to keep the planet Earth from being forgotten forever. The movie houses the classic voice acting found in any PIXAR tale, this time just lessprotagonists… well, speaking. Ben Burtt does the great beeps and boops, along with the random speaking of WALL E, Kathy Najimy does a wonderful job as EVE, and Jeff Garlin along with the infamous John Ratzenburger do their part too. Fred Willard even does his part in the first live action character in the entire series of Pixar films. Even though it seemed a little weird that the older commercials on Earth showed real humans on the AXIOM, but in reality they’re still animated. The animation, of course, in this movie is top-notch, some beautiful set pieces and character models made me want to go buy a Blu-ray player immediately. Astounding detail comes around every turn, bringing you to realize how much work goes into these movies. The movie surprised me a lot with the depth of it’s story. The movie definitely provides a lot of fun slapstick and funny gags for the kids, however teens and adults like myself will be truly amazed at the remarkable reality taking hold in the story. The movie sends a strong environmental-friendly vibe, along with the moral lesson of slothfulness in human society. To kids, it’s just some robot saving the world, but to the older, it becomes a tale of mankind’s survival, which proved to be the true genius of the film to me. The movie is, like any other Pixar film, hilarious, I laughed out loud several times throughout the movie, most of the time it was just because WALL E got crushed or hurt by something. Other times it was truly smart humor that only adults will find entertaining, something I really and truly appreciate in animated films. The only minor flaw I found in the film is that sometimes the story just doesn’t hold you and capture you as strong as it should. Whether it’s the astounding amount of detail, wonderful voice overs, brilliant story telling, or the thought-provoking, reassuring ending credits, the movie only reassures and strengthens the viewer’s faith in Pixar. WALL E is an animation movie made for movie fans, and should not be skipped by anyone who loves movies, or just a good, fun movie that might provoke a few thoughts. 

5 out of 5



  1. The James said,

    can’t wait to see it

  2. nolanator said,

    I’d like to see this.

  3. The James said,

    Rented it, gonna watch it later

  4. dragonshensi said,

    Pixar has done it again. Awesome movie!

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