My Apple Love Affair

November 23, 2008 at 1:48 pm (Music, The Way Earl Sees It)

It’s almost Christmas time, which, according to my mom, means I need to start accumulating items for my Christmas list. Asides from The Dark Knight (picture like one big list with the words “THE DARK KNIGHT” etched in blood at the top where I wrote with my finger), I’ve really been interested in getting an Ipod. I really didn’t start a music obsession until about 3 months ago, when I started working for my Spanish teacher, and was able to rummage through his Itunes library. About 2 years ago I unexpectedly got a MP3 player for Christmas. I had looked at them before, but never really upgraded from my CD player. The player was really nice, had about 300 MB, and greatly served by basic music needs. I put a few songs on it, and I love it. But as my music collection grew, the memory on the player shrunk. I really don’t have enough room on there for my entire music collection (about 700 MB and growing), so that’s really why I’ve turned to Ipods. I like the idea of the Ipod Classic, the ability to easily fit all of my music, download a few videos, and even put some tv shows and movies on there. It seems like a lot of today’s media is being geared towards this digital age, and Itunes is the preverbal messiah. So, if I planned and hoped on getting an Ipod, I would have to familiarize myself with it’s software. That’s where it began. I downloaded Safari about 5 months ago, but it was nowhere near the euphoria I got from adding my album artwork to Itunes. I now have all of my music in a very convenient, sleek, and stylish format that plays them in a top-notch quality. (See below pics-that’s actually my music collection.) I’ve rummaged through the Itunes Store, and see the easy access they allow. Just give them a credit card number, charge one of all the songs for just 99 cents, a $9 album, or a $3 episode of TV. You can even put games on your Ipod. There’s so much that Apple has provided for their market, I love it. They provide this great library of content that is easily accessible full of the latest in tv (ind. episodes or seasons), movies (that you can rent of buy), little games, full albums from 15 years ago, just lists and lists of stuff that would make any nerd happy. Apple, I salute you. I could spend days just rummaging through Itunes. I have my own podcast to watch-Adam Sessler, you’re my hero, and have made my own playlist. Did I mention I could spend days just rummaging through Itunes? Hopefully if I do get an Ipod I’ll be able to keep all that style and organization and preserve, and carry it over to the Ipod. If or if not, it will still be a Merry Christmas, even if I have to start an Itunes-Anonymous. 

itunes1 itunes2

itunes3 itunes4




  1. earlman27 said,

    Hey, if any of you know what the best Ipod or best Ipod accessories are, let me know.

  2. nolanator said,

    I put an iPod on my Christmas list this year. I hope I get it.

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