The End of Monk?

November 29, 2008 at 6:14 pm (Television)

I’m tryin’ to hold back the tears. Monk has been one of my favorite television shows for the past 3 years, and it looks like it might have officially run its course and come to its end on USA Network. (USA Network, watch your back.) The most recent episode of Monk aired last Friday, “Mr. Monk and the Miracle”, which proved to be a very entertaining and funny Monk endeavor. Nothing is confirmed, in fact USA Network is advertising for upcoming Monk episodes, but the season finale, according to Wikipedia, is “Mr. Monk and the Car Bomber Parts 1 and 2”, which will both air on the same night, meaning it will be a 2 hr finale. Rumors have went around that this would be the last season, but the lone title of that episode leads me to believe this is the end of Monk. If it’s true, then Monk has definitely went out on a high note, and definitely at the right time, before milking both the show and the character dry. I hope this isn’t the end for Monk, but if it is (I think it will), then let’s hope they end the show right, with lots of cleaning.  

UPDATE-Sorry, I wrote this post a little too soon. I was just researching through Wikipedia, and USA has confirmed that there will be an 8th Season, however that season will be the last. It is said the decision to end the show was mutual, along with for some financial reasons. The writers also say that the last 16 episodes will center on Monk discovering Trudy’s killer, in the end solving the murder. This helps explain the Season 7 finale, as it might serve as a leadup to the entirety of Season 8.



  1. Hashmeer said,

    I hope Monk doesn’t take Psych down with it. Psych’s still got plenty of substance left in it, but it’s like it’s tied to Monk. They air back-to-back, their mysteries/solutions kinda work the same way, etc. Whatever the case, I never would have suspected the pharmacist.

  2. earlman27 said,

    Me either. I was almost suspecting the monks in the monastery. I noticed though that the woman had guilt when she was sitting next to the pile of pills. The way they did the summation was hilarious. Well, I would guess that when Monk does go out in Spring of 2010, they’ll just start doing re-runs paired with Psych until they get a new detective show. But I see what you’re saying, the two are like peanut butter and jelly. But Psych’s like the new Monk, it can go 7-8 seasons.

  3. nolanator said,

    I have never watched one episode of Monk in my life.

  4. earlman27 said,

    You are a deprived person.

  5. The James said,

    1) Were those 1st 2 comments spoilers? Did I just ruin the Monk Christmas Special for myselft?!
    2) We need to make Nolan watch monk
    3) How are they gonna center a season around him solving the crime…I hope it works
    4) I think psych is gonna keep going stong

  6. Teresa Murray said,

    Wikipedia is, not surprisingly, wrong. None of the season seven episodes are entitled “Mr. Monk and the Car Bomber” and there will not be a two part season seven finale. The episodes for the remainder of season seven, which begin airing on January 9th 2009, are

    Mr. Monk Makes the Playoffs
    Mr. Monk on Wheels
    Mr. Monk’s Other Brother
    Mr. Monk Fights City Hall
    Mr. Monk and the Bad Neighbor
    Mr. Monk and the Magician
    Mr. Monk and the Bully

  7. earlman27 said,

    I’m just stating what Wikipedia has told me. Where did you get your information? You might be right, I’m just putting up what I read.

  8. Teresa Murray said,

    From the show’s producers and cast. I was lucky enough to attend the Monk event at the Paley Center in Beverly Hills last week where they screened the episode “Mr. Monk’s Other Brother”. Tony Shalhoub, Ted Levine, Jason Gray-Stanford, Director Randy Zisk and Executive Producer David Hoberman were there and they did a Q & A after the screening.

    They were working on Magician last week and will be starting soon on Bully which will be the last episode they film for season seven. If “Mr. Monk and the Car Bomber” is or will be an episode it’s not in season seven. Since no scripts have yet been completed for season eight, I’d guess the information is completely erroneous. That’s certainly not your fault. Wikipedia is notoriously unreliable. Anyone can contribute anything and nothing is ever checked.

    In the context of Trudy’s murder that title wouldn’t make much sense. We already know who built the bomb, Warwick Tennyson, and who planted/detonated the bomb, the six fingered man. The only question now is who hired him, who is “the judge”, and why was Trudy killed.

    Other tidbits fron the upcoming second half of season seven:

    Steve Zahn guest stars as Mr. Monk’s Other Brother, Jack. Jr..
    Gena Rowlands will guest star in Mr. Monk and the Bad Neighbor.
    Jarrad Paul will reprise his role as Monk’s neighbor Kevin Dorfman in “Mr. Monk and the Magican”.

  9. dragonshensi said,

    You just got out-Monked Earl.

  10. earlman27 said,

    I have indeed been out-monked. I appreciate your information Teresa, it means a lot that someone like yourself with such high credentials on the show is commenting on a site like this, keeping an eye out for whack-job info. Just to make sure, the writers haven’t wrote anything regarding future Trudy info? I was really afraid I had read some sort of uber-spoiler regarding the Monk finale. I’m a huge fan of the show, send them my warm regards. Thanks so much for all you’ve helped with.

  11. The James said,

    my question is: is this person for real? only time will tell!

  12. nolanator said,

    I could really care less what happens to Monk.

  13. earlman27 said,


  14. nolanator said,

    Heathen? Wow, what a vocabulary.

  15. dragonshensi said,

    More like grandma vocabulary.

  16. earlman27 said,

    It’s a cool word every now and then, but it is really old fashioned.

  17. Erin said,

    I haven’t watched the show since Sharona left.

  18. Coach Hayden Fox said,

    I did it now go win the game.

  19. The James said,

    aww..its over now…sigh…

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