December 8, 2008 at 9:30 pm (Television)

This is it. The finale of Heroes: Villains is here. I was really cautious going into “Our Father”, as it promised all this huge information to occur that would happen in the finale, and at first I was totally confused about the final episode, Duel, set to air next week. However, now that the events of “Our Father” have come to play, and the stage is set for an ultimate showdown, I am pumped. Some stories are finally set and finally making some sense, some characters are finally in some permanent mind frames and motives, and for the first time this season, I am pumped and confident in the next episode. But, I thought there might be some Heroes fans out there that are just totally lost, or might not be 100% sure on the components being set in motion for next week. So, here’s a little play-by-play for the next 40 minutes in any and all Heroes fans’ Heroes Bible.

Peter Petrelli and the Haitian-In “Our Father” they stormed Pinehearst, killed Arthur with some help from Sylar, and after Sylar sets out to escape, Peter sends the Haitian in the next room where Tracy, Nathan, and Mohinder have had some experiements. Peter and Nathan are set to have a showdown next week. It’s also still a mystery if Peter will be able to get his powers back with Arthur dead. 

Hiro Nakamura-The pure envisionment of a hero, this week our Japanese hero was left, well… out on a pole. Arthur came into the past, stole Hiro’s abilities and the light from him, which really only served to complete the formula. Now Hiro’s really just stuck in the past. Whether if he’ll be able to get back to the present to get in on the action, that’ll be up to Matt and his gang.

Ando, Matt, and Daphne-After getting the sketches from the travel agency and discovering Hiro’s predicament, Ando gets the idea to get the formula so he can travel back to rescue Hiro. According to Wiki, he goes to Mohinder for that help. With Mohinder seemingly perfecting the formula, he may be their just hope. 

Claire-After seeing herself in the past, convincing some old friends, and having the light taken from her, Claire is back with her regular family, and according to Wiki, is to be held hostage by Sylar next week. 

Mohinder, Tracy, and Nathan-Nathan, fully convinced of his father’s notions, is now the head of Pinehearst, and has successfully given powers. He is set to fight Peter next week, and to “make a devastating decision”. Tracy is his right hand woman, and Mohinder’s just a lacky. He might be helping Matt and his group, or he might just stay with Nathan’s notions. Sylar was last seen heading in their direction, so whether he’ll confront them before heading to the Bennet family is yet to be seen. More than likely next week’s episode will focus greatly on the idea of giving the army superpowers like at the end of this week’s venture.

Knox-That’s funny. He showed up this week for like 2 seconds. Can’t a brother get some love?

Sylar-The character I’m most excited about, ol’ Sylar’s reverted back to his evil ways, and for good reason. He’s tired of getting fed all this junk all season long, being befriended for wrong, and being used as a tool. He’s back to splittin’ heads, and this week, he killed his supposed dad without hesitation. No telling what he plans to do in the finale. Once again, Wiki says he’ll be holding the Bennet family hostage, and it’s safe to assume some more head splitting’s gonna be going on.



  1. dragonshensi said,

    This episode was good. They just have way too much going on.

  2. earlman27 said,

    They do, but this episode did a great job. Wherein other episodes just kinda scattered all the pieces and focus too much for the progression, this one was really tight, focused greatly on the good points and current stories, and made sense. I really liked it.

  3. dragonshensi said,

    I hated that Seth Green wasn’t in it. HE BETTER BE IN THE NEXT ONE!

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