IGN-Plan to Fix Heroes

December 10, 2008 at 9:28 pm (Television)

Recently there’s been a lot of criticism to the new volume of Heroes. Although the new season isn’t perfect, the season has had it’s good moments. There’s no denying the fact that the show has fallen from it’s good graces. That’s where Bryan Fuller (Pushing Daisies) is here to help. He was one of the writers on the original season of Heroes, and is set to come back about halfway through Fugitives, but says he is pleases with what Fugitives has focused on greatly over Villains. Click here to read the full article. However, for those that don’t feel like reading through the whole article, here’s the main points Fuller explains he’d like to see fixed, what is already being fixed, and what is to come in Fugitives-

  • More Emphasis on Comprehensive Stories-The new volume of Heroes is set to focus a lot more on 3 or 4 different, smaller arcs with one big arc to tie them all in to slow things down and place emphasis on each one, very similar to Volume 1. 
  • Less Sci-Fi Trappings-Fuller believes that the show since he left has fallen into sci-fi trappings, a “drama without a face”, one “that the viewer can’t care about”, and hopes to correct it with better stories and different pacing. 
  • Fresh Start for Characters-Fuller also explains that the charactersin the new arc will be in their real lives, like fresh starts. Peter’s a paramedic, Claire’s college shopping, Matt’s back to Janice, and they have a superbaby (?). He wants to put a face on the stories and alleviate the stories, back into the character stream.
  •  Fugitives is To Be Back to Normal-Fuller says he has been hired by Kring to be a consultant, to fix the show’s errors, and to bring it back to what it once was. Quote-“My job is to help facilitate the vision of the show, and the vision has been a little inconsistent. But ‘Fugitives’ is such a great sea change. I think people who have been critical of Heroes will come back.” 

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