What to See-Yes Man or Seven Pounds?

December 11, 2008 at 4:19 pm (Movies)


I have not done one of these in a while. (Before you can say it DS, that’s what she said.) This time I’ve come to a true crossroads. Both the Jim Carrey comedy Yes Man and Will Smith’s Drama Seven Pounds come out on December 19th, and I would really like to see both. But chances are, I’ll have to decide between the two that weekend. So, I decided I’d come to my ultimate decision makers, my friends and fellow nerds. 

Yes Man is about Carl Allen, a man who has said no to a lot of things in his life, but after visiting a cult of Yes Men, he vows to answer “yes” to all questions and opportunities in his life, which causes for some highly hilarious situations. The main reason I want to see this is because, hey, it’s Jim Carrey, you know it’s gonna be funny, you know it’s gonna be hilarious. Plus, Terrence Howard. 

Seven Pounds, on a different note, is about Ben, an IRS agent who, after his wife dies, begins to torment himself over his mistakes of the past, and decides to kill himself. But before he plans to kill himself, he vows to help seven complete strangers, from a blind man (Woody Harrelson) that he befriends to a seamstress (Rosario Dawson) that he falls in love with. The movie’s directed by the same man behind my favorite movie ever, Pursuit of Happyness, Gabriele Muccino. The movie looks fantastic, and I’m almost positive I’d cry/love it. 

When you answer this, maybe answer it in two segments. Answer it in what movie you’d pick, and then answer which movie you think I’d like better. The question is presented, you must now present the answer.



  1. dragonshensi said,

    IDK, i want to see both, but rent. IfI hada choice though to see in theaters woul be Yes Man.

  2. earlman27 said,

    That’s what I’m leaning with, because it looks like a more fun movie.

  3. nolanator said,

    I would see Yes Man in theaters. YES!

  4. The James said,

    acually…I would probably go for 7 pounds

  5. nolanator said,

    Say Yes to Yes Man.

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