Bedtime Stories Review

December 27, 2008 at 12:22 pm (Movies)

“I’m just like the stink on your shoes, I’m not going away…” These are the words spoken by Adam Sandler in the new movie Bedtime Stories, and I hope this movie is like the stink of my shoes, hoping that it’s not going away. The movie is about the life of Skeeter Bronson (Sandler), a man neglected in his father’s dreams. Marty Bronson, back in the 70s, owned a hotel with his son and daughter, and sells it to the Nottingham name to keep it alive, with the promise that Skeeter will eventually become head. Skeeter’s sister (Courteney Cox) becomes a principal with two kids, and Skeeter is stuck in the job of lowly housekeeper and janitor. Pretty soon he’s left in charge of her kids for a while, starts telling these bedtimes stories, and pretty soon, they start coming true. The movie’s rated PG, and is a Happy Madison production, not a likely pairing, but Disney proves to be a matchmaker. I went into the movie expecting a uber-kiddish romp with tons of fart jokes and 6 year old humor, but I was probably the guy laughing the most in the packed theater. The comedy was spot on for me. The movie found a brilliant way to create humor that’s funny for kids, and also funny for adults. Hardly any of the jokes were aimed for one audience or the other, it was just plain, old fashioned funny. Think of it like a regular Adam Sandler comedy, just built for kids. I was rolling in my seat before the 1 1/2 hour run time was up. Probably my favorite thing about the movie was the number of great cameos in the movie from Sandler alumni, and some other great comedic forces. Lucy Lawless, Guy Pearce, Keri Russell, Richard Griffiths, the man himself Rob Schneider, Nick Swandson, and one of my new favorite actors, Russell Brand, who is drop out funny in this movie. The movie is also great at incorporating that classic Disney magic feeling, which you never think you’ll see in a Sandler comedy. I was surprised at how funny the movie was. The movie has your classic Disney elements, character gets something magic, character has conflict, happy ending with plenty of magic, and happiness. All of the dream sequences are hilarious with Sandler working his family friendly style and his slapstick goofy gags, and the work between him and Brand, or him and Griffiths, are some of the best in the movie. Some of the jokes aimed at kids specifically (Bugsy) weren’t as funny to me sometimes, and sometimes you get a little lost in all the whimsiness and pacing, but the movie still provides a great time. You mix in a little bit of fantasy, a great cast, a great message and family friendliness, and a whole lot of comedy, than Bedtime Stories is your prime result. If you’re looking for a critically acclaimed movie that’s gonna leave you feeling just as bad as you went in in the happiest time of the year, go see Doubt, but if you want a movie that’s gonna take your mind off some troubles, or just want to see a movie that both your kids will love and you will too, then Bedtime Stories is definitely the right way to go. 

4 1/2 out of 5



  1. The James said,

    I want to see this

  2. earlman27 said,

    It’s really good. It’s the perfect family movie, but it’s also a great Sandler film.

  3. dragonshensi said,

    I want see this as well. Are you gonna buy it Earl?

  4. earlman27 said,

    Totally. My family’s gonna wanna buy it anyway, but I’m gonna make sure we do.

  5. nolanator said,

    I also want to see this.

  6. earlman27 said,

    I think you’d like it Nolan. It’s one of my favorite Sandler comedies, way better than Zohan.

  7. nolanator said,

    Yeah, but I probably won’t get a chance to see it.

  8. earlman27 said,

    I’d definitely rent it.

  9. nolanator said,

    Yeah, that’s probably what I’ll do.

  10. coffee said,

    Bedtime Stories was a lot of fun, seemed to be much the same style as Sandler’s previous movie, “Click”

  11. earlman27 said,

    I can see the resemblance there. Although Click was less family oriented.

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