Fugitives Leadup Preview

January 2, 2009 at 7:21 pm (Weapons of Mass Enjoyment)

If I remember correctly, I did a leadup special back last September on the Top 25 Most Shocking Moments in Heroes, in preparation for all the shocking moments to come in Villains. Today I was sitting, watching X-Play, and I realized “Hey, Fugitives is gonna start in a month!” So I thought I would do a special again this volume. Before the February 2nd Premiere of the show hopefully getting back to its roots and producing some high-quality episodes, I thought I’d do a countdown of either the Top 25 Heroes Episodes So Far or the Top 25 Best Moments in Heroes. I haven’t fully decided, but hopefully it will all work out. If I decide to go through with it, it will probably start around this Friday. If you have any suggestions or whatever, feel free to comment.



  1. dragonshensi said,


  2. earlman27 said,

    Yea, this volume is supposed to be really good cons. it’s moving back to the original formula, but I’m not getting my hopes up, we all know what happened last time.

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