Movie Idea-Star Wars

January 13, 2009 at 10:00 pm (Movie Ideas)

Since I’ve got so many movie ideas flowing through my head every day, and sine I’m such a creative mind, I thought I’d dedicate a section out to discuss my ideas for future movies, or where to take the future of the movie franchise. 

What to do with Star Wars? The first three movies to pop out of George Lucas’s mind came out about 30 years ago, followed by three pretty good prequels that just wrapped up a few years back, and that concludes that era, that saga. But surely there’s some sort of hope, some lightsaber-clashing action left to bring back to the big screen. Something out there to take this series out of the Clone Wars. To be brief and not bore everyone to death, here are a few, bullet-ized pointers I have for the future of the Star Wars series-

  • Get Out of the Clone Wars/Try Something NewProbably the most important. How many mini-movies, how many movies, how many series have we had on the Clone Wars? It’s just been a little over-done. Let’s try to find something new, something fresh to breathe life into the series. Only in that can we find out way out of that era. Maybe try to move into a prequel to the prequels, a sequel to the sequels, for crying out loud maybe even a movie centered around YODA!!! Let’s try something new instead of double dipping the same chip that is The Clone Wars.
  • Bring In Fresh Blood, You MustAnother idea I had was to bring in some fresh blood, some new actors into the mix. Let’s move past Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Ewan McGregor, and most importanly Hayden Christensen. Don’t get me wrong, all of them were great in their parts, however we need someone new. Remember how cool it was to see Samuel Snakes on a $&$#(#* Plane Jackson as a jedi? Just imagine if they brought in someone like Christian Bale, Micheal Caine, Jake Gylenhaal, or dare I say, even Seth Rogen or James Franco into the mix as early Jedis. With new stories comes new people to execute them.  
  • Star Wars: The Force Unleashed: The MovieHow cool would it be to have a TFU movie? I’ve already imagined it. Place Christian Bale as the lead as maybe an older form of Starkiller, you’ve got a great story, a great visual era, excellent action, a great familiar mix of old and new, and you gotta blockbuster. For fans of the game or even more to those unfamiliar with the game, the movie could be a smash hit with fans. 
  • MOST IMPORTANT-CHANGEThe most important thing I see the Star Wars series needing to do, is change. Move out of these comfort zones, move out of these pre-conceived safe zones, keep what works best, hold onto the classic magic, bring in the new, take some risks, and you’ve got a great series back on top. 




  1. dragonshensi said,

    I agree with you mostly.

  2. The James said,

    First of all, this is my territory. I am the SW fanboy here. This would be like me writing a post listing all kinds of changes I think they should make to heroes. (superhero names, cool yellow costumes, giant robots)

    Get Out of the Clone Wars/Try Something New – I see your point here. The clone wars does get a lot of notice, and that is not the only era. They are making a live-action TV series set between episodes 3-4. It is supposed to take on the same format as the young Indiana Jones series. If you have seen the show, you know that is a good thing. You want a live action movie, think one movie a week…only shorter.

    Bring In Fresh Blood, You Must – new actors are a must, but none of the ones you named. none of them. especially not bale. Star Wars always uses mostly unkowns with 1 or 2 known actors. That is the format they should stick with. Not just with this one, but with many movies in general. Why use the same old faces over and over? Bring in truly fresh blood.

    Star Wars: The Force Unleashed: The Movie – possible, if done in cgi (realistic cgi, like the ps3 cutscenes) I would watch it.

    MOST IMPORTANT-CHANGE – ?! NO! They already tried that, you know…the clone wars series?

    But above all I would like to point out something. In order to keep the series alive, you don’t need any more movies or television at all. There was a 20 year gap between episode 6 and episode 1, but it stayed going strong. How? The comics, and books. They have been going for a while, covering a lot of stuff. And even if the TV and Movies stop, it will stay running strong.

  3. earlman27 said,

    Okay, I’m going to address your comment one section at a time, just as you wrote it. First off, I don’t care if you’re THE Star Wars guy. I would be offended if you posted Heroes theories, that’s because you don’t watch Heroes. I’ve seen Star Wars, like a dozen times. I’m a fan of the series too, and I can post some of my ideas on how to help the series and how I think we can get it out of this creative rut.

    The Clone Wars Thing-I’m glad you admit the series has to get out of the clone wars, but the thing is, I don’t really want a TV Show either. I’d like to have the big screen movies to watch and be blown away with, not some show to watch on Saturday mornings. Not that that wouldn’t be cool maybe, but it’s not what the series is capable of. I don’t think one of the world’s greatest sci-fi series should be reduced to the Cartoon Network Friday Night Lineup!

    New Actors- I’ll admit, some of the actors I threw out were a little silly, I was just throwing out ideas. However, I think some of them were cool. Like Micheal Caine as the Jedi Council leader, or Daniel Craig, CHRISTIAN BALE, or some of the others I mentioned. I think new faces worked 30 years ago, but I think using well-known faces in the here and now would be better served. Your comment there is exactly what I’m talking about in that you’re too focused on the past movies, not open to the change.

    TFU Movie-I would not watch a 2 hr. cutscene movie. Why not just stick with the game!?!? Live action or nothing.

    Most Important-Change-YES-Change is needed, even if not all change experimented worked. Clone Wars worked at first, but when you’ve milked it dry, it’s time to CHANGE to something else-LIVE ACTION MOVIES.

    This series needs change. This series needs live action movies, something to bring in new fans, to capture imagination of today. I got into the series, not b/c of some animated C3PO, but b/c I saw the awesome shots of the LIVE ACTION battle in Episode 3, and thought “That looks awesome”.

  4. BabCom5 said,

    With the way things are going these days, movies are now becoming a thing of the past as most tv shows can match the same budget and produce better and longer stories. Personally I think Star Wars should be left alone for a couple of decades.

    Star Wars is not the greatest sci-fi series ever. That honor falls to Doctor Who or Battlestar Galactica. Star Wars isn’t really sci-fi though. It’s more like a fantasy adventure with a futuristic theme. It’s more spiritual. Like the Force.

    Yes new faces worked 30 years ago and now we can’t get rid of them. I don’t go to movies because it has certain actors, I go to them because their good movies. A strong asset is to find new talent. You literally tell James that he is to focused on the past and is afraid of change yet you are not in support of change either. Fresh is better.

  5. dragonshensi said,

    I have to say Earl, your pick of actors is retarded and silly. We need fresh people and maybe one or two known faces. Besides that, I agree with you.

  6. earlman27 said,

    I just thought it’d be cool to see Daniel Craig with a lightsaber.

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