Who Shall Watch the Watchmen? That’d Be Me

January 18, 2009 at 9:52 pm (Comics, Movies)

The Comedian, Silver Spectre II, Dr. Manhattan, Ozymondias, Night Owl II, and Rorshach

I first saw the epic trailer for the upcoming superhero crime story movie adaptation, Watchmen, when I went to go see The Dark Knight. I immediately thought, “Hey, this looks like a pretty sweet movie, I should probably check out the graphic novel”. Considering I only read graphic novels and comics, and haven’t read a book without pictures in years, it was a perfect fit. Last Friday, after seeing Paul Blart, I decided to use one of my BAM gift cards (my family knows I’m a nerd) to get this acclaimed novel, and so far, I’m very glad I did. I’m only about 4 or 5 chapters into the novel out of around 13 chapters, and already the story is incredibly absorbing. So many characters, intricacies, plot twists, incredible moments, this novel definitely lives up to its name. It’s also really interesting to see how Snyder has exactly replicated some of the pivotal moments in the novel. Also, as warned by my Spanish teacher, this is a very adult story. Sex, rape, brutal, haneuous murder, war, lost loves, adultery, and more litter this novel. Definitely not for the kids, but definitely a great read for the elder comic fans. If Mr. Snyder follows the novel like he says, I can totally see how the movie would gain it’s R rating. Each character is well thought out. You’ve got the world-weary, all-knowing Dr. Manhattan, the two new lineages of the Silver Spectre and Night Owl, the insane Rorshach, Ozymondias, the world’s smartest man, Mr. Metropolis, the late, corrupt Comedian, among others that joined their ranks in the beginning as “minutemen”. As far as a favorite goes, Rorshach’s violent and comedic ways have emerged as a quick favoritism. If you haven’t read this great novel, definitely give it a try. Or, if you see me on a regular basis, I’d be more than happy to lend it to you in a few months. I look forward to finishing the novel, and maybe even seeing the movie in theaters. 



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  1. earlman27 said,

    I love the two pictures I put at the bottom of this post. They greatly illustrate how Snyder translated the book to life.

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