The Rocker Review

February 9, 2009 at 9:30 am (Movies)

Ready to Rock? Rainn Wilson stars as Robert “Fish” Fishman, who, after being dumped by his own band “Vesuvius” in the 80s, and being fired from his job, begins to play in his nephew’s band, and teaches them about rock…. and life. I promise it’s not that corny. What you might be saying is “Well this is just like the School of Rock!” Well, it’s not. I thought that for like 2 or 3 seconds in the beginning, b/c it opens a lot like that movie. However, pretty soon you forget the similarities and just enjoy the ride. Rainn Wilson is actually pretty funny in this movie. He pulls off the rock and lazy bum personas well, while still being a likable character that you can root and laugh for. This pic pretty much sums him up. The rest of the characters are really funny as well, several laugh out loud jokes that had me…. well, laughing out loud. The movie, along with the territory, brings a lot of rock references. Fish is an expert of rock, and lets you know it in hilarious ways-“Oh, mum and dad, can I go rock with my friends at SHEA STADIUM!” The movie is even funnier if you’re a fan of The Office, and you’ve seen Wilson’s other work involved in it. All of the supporting characters, all from shows and movies like Scrubs, Daddy Day Care, and Chuck, all make their small screen time worth while. The movie even almost carries a feel-good quality to it, leaving you feeling all warm inside by the time it’s over, believing that any 40 year old office worker can be a rock star. Only down spots I could find were sometimes Wilson’s jokes fall flat, especially when he’s TRYING to be funny. Plus, it almost ends on a very sudden note, leaving some plot lines just hanging, like they didn’t know how to end it just right. Is it better than School of Rock? No. Is it still a plenty fun comedy worth more than your $2.50 on a Thursday night? You know it. The Rocker is a comedy full of rock life, hilarious jokes, and a great message, making it a great movie for any comedy or rock fan to add to their DVD collection. 

4 out of 5



  1. nolanator said,

    I love this movie!

  2. dragonshensi said,

    Might rent it.

  3. earlman27 said,

    If you don’t like stupid humor, you might not like it.

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