Lakeview Terrace Review

March 1, 2009 at 8:04 pm (Movies)

You’d really think the realtor would mention to Patrick Wilson that he’s living next to Samuel L. Jackson, especially when he’s this off-kilt. Before I left for Gatlinburg, I decided that it’d be best to rent a movie to watch before I headed off. I’m too heterosexual for Nick and Norah, and the hot girl at the video store recommended Lakeview Terrace, so after I sneaked in a few more-comfortable-than-she-wanted belated birthday hugs, I headed home to see the Samuel L. Jackson thriller. The story basically goes as follows. A new interracial couple (Nite Owl and some chick) moves into a fairly nice neighborhood, that is except for the incredibly creepy neighbor Abel Turner (which is such a cool name), a local and trusted police officer, who does not approve of their relationship, not….. one….. bit. Throughout the movie he makes it his personal mission to make their lives a living nightmare. Usually I’m not one for thrillers unless they have unique concepts, but this one really stood out. The plot keeps you hooked from the first minute Mace Windu himself comes on screen, all the way to the very end as the plot, like a rope, gets twisted deeper and deeper and deeper. This had to be the best part of the movie by-far. As the mysteries and plot grow deeper and deeper, you really become convinced that this couple is in a whole heap of trouble, and have no way of escaping the snares of Turner. However, also as the movie goes on the reasons as to why Turner’s doing all these things are explained vaguely, but his actions becomes slightly irrational as the movie comes to a close. Both Patrick Wilson and Samuel L. Jackson pull their acting weight and more. Their performances only add to the intensity and reality of the dramatic situation and its convincing-ness. The movie even carries its full weight of action. While not frequent, it can get your heart pumping. Samuel L. Jackson even gets to drop an F-bomb. Other than the irrational story at times, the movie can get a little slow at parts, and is one of those movies you only watch once. Now my day is complete. Lakeview Terrace is well-worth any thriller or horror fan’s time, and is a great rent for any movie fan wanted to tense up their movie routine. The great story, although not always fully rational, but always entertaining and captivating, along with some great performances by Wilson and Jackson, make this worth any movie fan’s time. 

4 out of 5



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    birthday hugs?!

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