Movie Ideas-Pirates Series

March 19, 2009 at 6:40 pm (Movie Ideas)


This is not a key to the future of the Pirates series, more of a draw-ring of it’s future. It’s been almost 2 years since the last Pirates of the Caribbean movie, and now rumors are a float about what the 4th film (which has been confirmed) would be like. So, with the influx of new rumors coming out of the mill about casting and what not, I thought I’d throw in my own pirate hat as to how the next films should go about (I promise my advice isn’t-GO DARK). 

  • Recruit Brand-Probably one of my favorite bits of potential casting has been the rumor going around the mill (and actual fact) that Russell Brand is mulling over joining the cast of the fourth Pirates movie as the brother of Captain Jack Sparrow’s brother. If you’ve never seen or heard of Russell Brand before, he’s the guy with the sleep disorder in Bedtime Stories, and he’s the boyfriend in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. This could be an excellent addition to the Pirates cast, and he could even be a great counterpart to Jack’s search for the fountain of youth. 
  • Adventurous, Non-Dark Story-I bet you didn’t see that one coming. The main thing I love(d) about the Pirates of the Caribbean series was how classically adventurous it was. In every single one of those movies you have this grand scale of adventure, of mystery, of grandness that you just don’t find as much anywhere else. It is my hope that they continue this trend in the next film, and what better place then with the tales of The Fountain of Youth? You don’t have to bog the story down with some dark tale (although that worked great with Davy Jones’ two movie plot line), all you have to do is convey a grand adventure that can be simplistic, but captivating that the audience will lose themselves in. 
  • That Would  Be CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow-How can you have a movie without Jack Sparrow? It’s been confirmed that Keira Knightly doesn’t wanna be in the next Pirates movie, and Orlando Bloom’s role is being debated, so why not take the opportunity to center the story mainly around Jack Sparrow, maybe even have little flashbacks to his past lives and exploits if we’re delving into a youthful storyline. Barbossa + Black Pearl Crew + Jack Sparrow = One Good Time.
  • Some Newer Crewmates-This one’s more of a maybe. I’m not gonna throw names out, because last time they were shoved down my throat. (Durka durka) However, I do think that maybe a few new names (along with Russell Brand) could help the franchise. Maybe introduce a new Colonial enemy (Terrence Howard or maybe another older actor). Dare I say it, dare I say it, but even more different faces could even add to the series. Mickey Rourke, Robert Downey Jr., hey, maybe even James Roday (even that one sounds silly to me) could be added. However, the chances are small. One can dream though. 
  • Newer Stories-Hey, if the Pirates series even decides to go on past a fourth film, other pirate-themed legends (like what they did with Davy Jones) would continue to amaze and provide a fresh, but deeply familiar base plot for some future movies. 

Overall, the Pirates series doesn’t need to be fixed. All 3 movies were excellent in their own right, and even if they stuck to the same formula for a 4th movie, I’d still love it. However, if the movies continue to provide a GIGANTIC scope as they did in the third movie especially, and maybe recruit some new players, focus more on Jack, and keep up the great storylines, the Pirates series will continue to be one of my favorite movie series of all time.



  1. earlman27 said,

    I really hope you all like this post. I tried not to go too far out with it like I did with my Spiderman post. Nolan, I’m sorry if I offended you with this. Please fee free to let me know what you think/whether you agree/disagree.

  2. The James said,

    my only problem with them is that they felt way too long. but they were good.

  3. earlman27 said,

    I felt the movies were necessarily long. It never really felt like it was too long (except for with the 3rd one). I think the length is needed for that big of an adventure scale.

  4. nolanator said,

    Those are good ideas. I hope the next ones are good.

  5. earlman27 said,

    I say this with no sarcasm, I am glad I got your approval on this one.

  6. nolanator said,

    You’re welcome.

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