300 Review

May 21, 2009 at 9:56 pm (Movies)

I started to place this into a mini-review, but then I realized that’d be kinda blasphemous. Nothing about 300 is mini, but mammoth and gargantuan in scale. In all the style of Watchmen (or I should say Watchmen is in all the style of 300), 300 proves to be a bloodbath of action, brutal style, and an incredible story that will bring you back to this movie again and again and again. The tale of epic proportions follows King Leonitus, the leader of the European country Sparta, which on the brink of war with the Persians. All these events begin to set off when Leonitus sparta-kicks a messenger for the Persian army, and is soon faced with the monumental task of defeating a “god” among men. I’m gonna try to keep this review quick and informational. First, the action in the movie is frickin’ brilliant. Snyder, as always, balances slow motion and emphasizes on just the right shots to make spectacular, awe-inspiring, and meaningful segments. Plus, it’s jaw-droppingly brutal. Heads slide off bone, legs are cut off, and there are more stabs than Ray Charles trying to find the food on his plate with a fork. The movie doesn’t quite hit Watchmen realistic violence, but does strive and succeed at brutal stylized violence. No matter what DS says, the slo-mo effects emphasizing certain deaths are appropriate and pack an emotional punch in a sea of testosterone. The whole movie strives at portraying this cinematic and red/brown/yellow-color-drenched-landscape, which perfectly emphasizes the action along with the perfect sense of shade and brilliant use of CGI. Snyder doesn’t need a real set. He made his freaking own out of a computer. All of the performances are also spot-on. Gerard Butler is epic and just terrifying as Leonitus. The movie is also chock-full of instant quotes. I don’t really think we need to say THESE-ARE—THE QUOTES!!! My favorite had to be-“Our arrows-WILL BLOT OUT THE SUN!!!”-“Then we will fight in the shade.” Plus all the mayhem that followed that. The movie does have a few flaws, mainly that it ends. The thees and thous got on my nerves a little bit in the beginning of the movie. Another that I kinda had was that sometimes the plot took a twist I didn’t really care for (mainly the end), but I can’t really hold that against it. 300 is a brutal action classic in my book that will have me re-viewing it over and over (and potentially buy the nerd edition for) thanks to brilliant visuals, an instantly quotable script, classic scenes of brutal action, and just an overall sense of style with enough meaty action to make it beyond worth a rent (This is how it’s done Spirit…).

4 1/2 out of 5 

I also thought it was worth mentioning that this movie which is full of sex, graphic nudity, brutal violence, and overall very adult themes being a hard R has been used, along with its pictures, as a template for our school and its yearbook. L-O-L.


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