Whiplash’s Whiplash (That’s Dirty)

June 9, 2009 at 8:24 pm (Movies, Pictures)

Well, it looks as if Iron Man 2 is making considerable progress. The main baddie this time around, Mickie Rourke’s interpretation of the Iron Man villain whiplash has been unveiled to the world, and to be honest, he looks kinda cool. I mean, he doesn’t even need a costume, Mickey Rourke looks scary enough as is. He could just wear a suit and tie and I’d still see it. His costume (most definitely not fully representative or final) does look a lot like the early prototype War Machine kinda stuff, which kinda makes me worry that John Favreau’s not being vivid enough, but that’s being a little picky. This still looks cool, and I’ll still be seeing Iron Man when it releases next May. Oh and also, Liam Neeson is gonna be in the A Team movie, he’s Hannibal. YES! Pic below (of Whiplash). 




  1. The James said,

    well…that costume is creepy….




    …I hope the movie will be good.

  2. earlman27 said,

    He’s Mickey Rourke, he’s gonna look creepy. He kinda looks like some sort of creepy prison rapist. The second movie I think is supposed to be a little darker, so here’s to hoping it’s great.

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