Zombieland Review

October 15, 2009 at 9:28 pm (Movies)

It seems that every other week the local multiplex is hailed by a cavalcade of the same kind of film time after time that fails to do anything really new or step outside the box. Oh look Johny Depp’s being quirky again, how fun! Michael Bay’s making another movie about the journey of explosions across America, awesome. This past month, would seem like yet another rundown “Zombieland” came into town, however it brings to the table one of the most exhilarating and entertaining zombie movie packages that would make Simon Pegg giddy. It’s pure zombie killing, American style. The story is set in what seems like a not-so-distant future where, from what little the story actually does tell, a mad cow like disease has made its way into the minds of the human race and ravaged through the country, leaving only the smartest and strongest to survive, or according to the rules of zombie handbook, those who do the most cardio. In this instance, the 4 most likely to survive a zombie apocalypse include Woody Harrelson’s wildly charismatic and often hilarious portrayal of a violence-scarred zombie slayer, Jessie Eisenburg’s socially awkward  germaphobe, along by Emma Stone’s bad girl rep and Abigail Breslin’s surprisingly hilarious take on a zombie hunter. Each of the cast runs their portion exceptionally, Eisenburg’s character actually being  funny despite my lowest expectations for him. Harrelson however steals the show with some of the best and funniest lines I’ve heard this year in a zombie movie. The whole flick provides those kinds of laughs you’re not sure if you should laugh at or not, while supplying plenty that left the whole theater in stitches. The film stretches over some familiar ground that many like Will Smith and Nick Frost have covered before, however Zombieland takes on a certain brand of imagination with it, and that carries over to make the film a lot more fun to watch. The individuality of the characters, the nice incorporation of the zombie survival tips into the backdrop, not to mention the true audacity of the survivors makes it that much more fun to watch. Also in the same style of cult classics like Shaun of the Dead, Zombieland packs in the gore for all it’s worth, ranging from the just enough to get you to marvel, to the scream-in-the-theater-after-the-camera-didn’t-cut-away gross. There’s just enough gore to keep the horror fans happy, while still satisfying the comedy fans with the steady stream of slapstick. Zombieland is short, sweet, and to the point, and doesn’t even come close to overstaying it’s welcome, but kinda cuts short the crazy lust for more outrageous zombie kills. However, for a movie like this, it hits the perfect balance. There’s even plenty of setup for another installment after one of the most awesome zombie showdowns taking place in a particular amusement park. Aside from a little bit of a rushed feel, an a little lack of zombies in the second act, this movie hits all the right notes expertly. The flick is paced, shot, and balanced expertly, but all u need to know is that this is THE one to see this month, and is a thoroughly entertaining piece for any self-respecting fan of slaying the undead, or just anyone looking for a hilariously brutal fun time.

4.5 out of 5

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He’s So Pale…

October 14, 2009 at 10:34 pm (Comics)

I have seen the likes of Killer Beaz, The Ambassadors, and Brad Montague in concert (I know none of you have heard of any of these guys except DS b/c he took me to Killer Beaz), but now soon I will actually be able to say I’ve seen someone remotely famous in concert. On October 24th I’m heading up to the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, TN to see Jim Gaffigan, a successful comedian behind clean comedy albums like “Beyond the Pale”, “King Baby”, and “Doin’ My Time”. Gaffigan’s starred in shows like “That’s 70s Show” and does random spots as an extra, along with doing regular work with Conan O’ Brien. His stand up sets have also appeared on Comedy Central, earning him his own hour long special from the “King Baby” set. He’s not the most famous comedian, but his stuff is some of the funniest going around right now, he’s even been called “One of the best stand up comics in the country right now”. According to his personal website, Gaffigan is also very close with his fans and stays after shows to meet and greet with those who paid to see him, along with selling merchandise and old albums. I am totally excited for seeing his performance and cannot wait to get some pics from the trip. Check out  below to get a feel for some of his material.

“It is amazing how email has changed our lives. You ever get a handwritten letter in the mail today? “What the?… Has someone been kidnapped?””

“Ever wonder what people got Jesus for Christmas? It’s like ‘Oh great, socks. You know I’m dying for your sins right? Yeah, but thanks for the SOCKS. They’ll go great with my sandals. What am I, German?'”

“I do feel guilty at checkout when they’re bagging all my groceries. Talk about feeling lazy. ‘Hey, thanks for putting my groceries in my bag. Yeah I could help, but I’ll just watch. I’m exhausted from picking that crap out. You wanna come home and watch me eat ‘em? I’m lookin’ for a buddy.'”

“Oh cool, you got me a robe for my birthday-hope i get the flu so i can use it-what am i doing, shooting a porno?”

“I once dated an Asian. She was very Asian. She was a panda…”

“Lifetime, television for women. Yet for some reason women are always getting beaten on that channel.”

“You think when gym teachers were younger, they’re thinking, ‘You know, I want to teach, but I don’t want to read. How about kickball for 40 years?”

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The Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy

October 14, 2009 at 4:01 pm (Movies)

Yea that oughta get your attention. Since DS wrote something I figure’d I’d post something up, and to commemorate the movie I was watching earlier today, I thought I’d post up a well, post about the Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy. The series or “trilogy” of completely unrelated movies is a group of flicks from director Edgar Wright, a Brit who has consistently worked with the likes of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost to produce some of the most entertaining action gore fests. The trilogy gets its name from the common simple fact that the movies are often filled with tons of blood and the main characters eating ice cream, I know how that sounds, simple, but yet it’s not a large factor (the ice cream part) and the whole package comes together superbly. The first film by Wright in the trilogy was 2004’s Shaun of the Dead, a parody of the classic Zombie genre with tons of laughs thrown in for good measure, also catapulting the young career of Simon Pegg into the limelight. The film basically centers around zombies taking over Britain and Simon Pegg, well, killing all of them. In 2007, the group continued with the flick I was watching earlier today, Hot Fuzz, in which Simon Pegg takes center stage in a really boring town where there seems to be a string of murders taking place. Once again in this one he is paired up hilariously with Nick Frost to get several great laughs along with some ridiculously cool action pieces. (The last 50 minutes and special features on the disc are worth $20 alone. The next flick in the set is set to be “The World’s End”. No info has been released for the project yet, however once Wright finishes work on a current television project and Pegg finishes work on Paul, shooting is set to commence. If you’ve never heard or seen any of these great flicks, now is the time to see them. The two released flicks are by far the greatest zombie comedy ever made and one of the best buddy cop movies out there with a fantastic mystery.

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