Daybreakers Review

January 9, 2010 at 3:16 pm (Movies)

There’s supposedly this little-known Indie art house flick going around these days called the “Twilight” series. Last Fall the new entry, something about a fresh or new moon, came out and apparently people liked it so much it scored a little over $1 Billion across the world. Just saying, but I didn’t donate my $8.75 to this behemo   th, also just saying, but I’m not really what you’d call a “fan” of the series. Low and behold my excitement when someone else finally entered the ring with their own movie about vampires, crossbows in hand. A movie about what I like to call real vampires and real vampire hunters. That is, vampires that don’t glisten and speak in low tones of voice but vampires that will rip through men, women, and children to get blood and avoid sunlight for the demon it is.

The vampire tale begins in the year 2009, when a plague rips through the world that somehow physically transforms everyone into blood thirsty vampires. However, a decade later in 2019 the primary source of nourishment in the world, blood, is becoming more and more scarce as the few remaining harvestable humans are growing more resistant and the idea of an alternate source is bleak. The director and his team put forth an immense amount of effort to create an incredibly vivid world of the vampire civilization, one that’s dark, hopelessly bleak, one that at most times is terrifying. They create a world so vivid in that it’s not vivid at all. They get a firm grasp of the daylight/darkness interplay. Shots that exist in the darkness have a certain mysterious point where you never know what’s coming, where anything could be behind any corner, a certainly frightening/morbid mix. Whereas every shot in the “outside” world of the daylight has a piercing, shocking brightness that’s there in each frame to keep the constant threat in your mind. Daybreakers story can be kinda cliche in parts, but it’s played out fresher as a whole than you’d imagine. There’s always a twist in the plot that will keep you interested as the movie goes on.

As more of a downside, the plot and the pace goes on so quick through the movie to keep it fun to watch and to keep you interested that you never really know anyone that’s involved in the story. You never really know exactly who Edward or Elvis really are. However, if there is something this movie is shooting for, it’s violence. Brutal, unflinching, get your hands filthy with blood violence, embracing the notion that vampires are killers at heart that enjoy killing for what they want-blood. This can be a pro or con depending on who’s watching. For the horror/gore fan seeing vampires taken down by Willem Dafoe will be a bloody fun time, for the squeamish, you’re gonna have a little trouble sitting through this one, not to mention sleeping with the lights on for a week or two. Oh, did I mention Willem Dafoe’s in this? He shows up for enough ridiculous stunts, mind-numbing one liners, and a classic Willem-Dafoe goatee for any movie fan. All in all, these days there aren’t many vampire flicks these days that are true-to-the-bone violent, scary, totally entertaining vampire movies. I can safely say that if you don’t fall into the target zone for the Twilight series you can really have a good time seeing Daybreakers.

4 out of 5



  1. The James said,

    wow…I wish I had been able to see this with yall

  2. earlman27 said,

    Yea Gage didn’t care for it as much but I found it almost campy but more fun than I expected.

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