Iron Man 2 Pre-Hype…

May 1, 2010 at 7:56 pm (Movies)

So, as I’m writing this now in 6 days I will hopefully be in a crowded theater filled to the brim with sweaty comic nerds all on the same line of anxiousness as I am to see the newest Marvel creation, Iron Man 2. I was so blown away by Iron Man 1, and that’s part of why I’m nervous for Iron Man 2. Part of the reason we all loved the first one was b/c we didn’t expect much out of a new franchise, the same thing happens every time with movies like Spiderman 1 and Batman Begins, all because we don’t know what to expect. Right now the film is holding a 75% on Rotten Tomatoes, which is pretty respectable for a superhero film, and is fairly promising of a great time at the cinema. On average critics are saying it lives up to the promise but can sometimes feel over-stuffed.

It was about three weeks ago that I was super-excited for the film while still being really cautiously optimistic. Now as I’m less than a week away from seeing the movie, my hype is somewhat leveling. This could all be in my head, but Iron Man 2 is somewhat going to the back of my mind. I have a final this week, I have a speech to present, and a dozen forms to film out and things to do. Plus, I would really like to get around to a Nightmare on Elm Street screening sometime this week. Not to say I’m not excited for the film or think it’ll be good, it’s just that this happens with every film I see. I get excited, it goes to the back of mind, I lower my expectations, and I hopefully I enjoy it. So stay tuned to the site to see my review of the film sometime around Saturday (hopefully) and I’m sure James’ review will be up sometime after that if all goes according to plan. I’m seriously hoping this movie isn’t terrible. Let’s hope the film stays true to the intelligent fun of the film we loved two years ago and doesn’t become a corporate buy out of a film. So definitely come out and support the film, I’m sure it’ll be a great time. There’s seriously a lot of other crappier films to waste your money on, so pay your hard-earned $8.75 to Jon Favreau and gang to show them you appreciate their hard work and to ensure films like this continue to be made.



  1. darkcloak said,

    Want to see it. Although Im not sure when I’ll be able to.

  2. The James said,

    This film is going to be totally flippin’ awesome! I can’t wait to see sam jackson say more than 1 line as nick fury!

  3. earlman27 said,

    Are we still doing the thing where we’re watching Iron Man 1? If so I’ll bring my DVD copy.

  4. The James said,

    acually, I need to talk to you about that…we are watching Iron Man 1, but not while we eat…we need to watch it, then go somewhere to eat. (mom is nervous about having a bunch of teenagers eating around her new carpet)

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