Why the Spiderman Reboot is a Great Idea

May 18, 2010 at 7:43 pm (Movies, Weapons of Mass Enjoyment)

Not 4 months ago, the nerd community got wind of a massive film news tid bit, that the Spiderman series’  fourth installment, Spiderman 4 had been completely scrapped in favor of an overhaul of the series. The would have been fourth installment would have starred the very talented John Malcovich as the comic’s highly regarded villain “The Vulture”, director Sam Raimi returning to helm the project, and a good majority of the cast was all-but-confirmed for the project. However,  someone over at Sony pulled the plug, and whether it was Raimi’s cold feet that he’d produce another Spiderman 3, Macquire or Dunst’s reluctance to continue on on the nearly decade-old series, or the financial production woes, the project ceases to exist. Little is known about the new reboot as of now, however after doing some of my own film studies and evaluating my own film opinions and standpoints, I for one am incredibly excited for the idea of a Spiderman reboot, and these are a few reasons why I think that and I think you should too. Feel free to tell me why I’m wrong in the comments section. Keep in Mind-All anyone knows at the point in time I am writing this post is that Marc Webb, 500 Days of Summer Director, is signed on to direct the movie, noone has been confirmed to star as any of the characters or villains, a script has been written and/or roughly drafted/formulated, and that the film is being released in 3D for a July 2012 release. So enjoy.

  • Sense of Wonder For A New Generation-One of my favorite memories of my childhood is being 10 years old in that theater for Spiderman 1. My Dad took me to see the film, and I’ll never forget seeing Tobey Macquire go head-to-head with Willem Dafoe, fighting in the skies. Webs were being shot every which way, bombs were going off, and for that 2 hours and 1 minute, I was in that world. I was the total demographic for that movie, and I was in love, it did it’s job. For the next year anytime my friends and I played together we always played Spiderman and Green Goblin, I had Spiderman toys, I quoted and reenacted the movie with my action figures, heck, it’s probably the reason I love film the way I do now. Sure enough 3 years later I drug my Dad back to the theater to see Spiderman 2, and to this day I remember the incredible cutouts in the Hickory Hill theater’s lobby of Alfred Molina in that perfect Doc Ock costume. 2 years later, I was 15, and I dragged my friends and my Dad for the series’ third installment. That series defines the sense of wonder that only the superhero genre can provide, and to this day no other superhero film has done that. So who’s to say we can’t let the new Jake’s, the new children of this generation relive that? Batman and other franchises follow the darker and more adult-oriented audiences, so who’s to say we can’t give kid’s something to follow? If we re-start this series, we can start fresh, and give a new generation a series to follow and grow up with just like I did back in 2002, and give a new generation a superhero to look up to and mimic in their back yards.
  • Marc Webb Is Amazing-Just recently I got a 3 month Netflix subscription as a gift, and one of the first films I added to my queue was a film I had been waiting a while to see, 500 Days of Summer, directed by Marc Webb. I haven’t posted my review yet, and I’m not sure if I will get around to it, however the movie is amazing. I have no trouble recommending it to anyone. For a debut film, Marc Webb knocked it out of the park, and crafted a great movie that has a fantastic sense of pacing and telling a great, compelling, youth-oriented story. The movie had a great way of telling its story in a quick, interesting way that kept the audience engaged, didn’t take itself too seriously, and had a seriously awesome soundtrack. After seeing the film, it makes me all but certain Marc Webb would be perfect for re-adapting the Spiderman audience for a new adolescent crowd. He perfectly GETS what teenage relationships are like, which would be perfect for the supposed more teenage-life-emphasis Spiderman reboot plotline. This, combined with the humor he understands, the soundtrack/score Spiderman would fit perfectly into, and the atmosphere Webb (just realized it’s a huge pun joke from Sony) is so comfortable in painting could result in a great film.
  • A New Take-This is more of a minor complaint, however is worth mentioning. I love Christopher Nolan’s mentioning that not all superhero films are meant to go 4-17 films, but sometimes superhero films are just meant to tell a story, and at times it only takes 2-3 films to tell that story. I felt as if at the end of the third Spiderman movie, we had reached a suitable conclusion. I don’t feel like it was ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to continue with a fourth film. Most if not all of the plotlines were resolved and things seemed to be at an appropriate end. IF we had continued with a fourth film, newcomers may have had far more trouble attaching to this convoluted storyline than they would a newer, fresher storyline. We’ll have new actors for the leads-Peter, Mary Jane, and some new takes on the villains we had already seen.
  • 3D? Sign Me Up!-What sounds cooler than a CG landscape with a CG character magically and wonderfully glorious swinging through the landscape that captivated me as a kid, that would be the same premise, our glorious web-slinger, in 3D. The Spiderman series would be a perfect fit for three dimensions, and could pull movie goers even farther into the experience of being Spiderman.

Any ideas? Comments? Questions? Suggestions? Feel free to let me know.



  1. The James said,

    NO 3D! NO 3D!

    aside from that, I agree with you…well, I don’t know anything about mark webb…but I agree with the other two points…though I would have preferred 4 still.

    I can’t wait!

  2. earlman27 said,

    You can’t deny 3D’s a perfect fit for the Spiderman series. 3D really pushed Train Your Dragon miles ahead than it was and made it a completely immersive experience, and just like Avatar and the Guardians trailer, I’m sure 3D can only help the Spiderman series.

  3. The James said,

    I don’t like 3d too much, I’m just cheap like that. I have not seen Dargon, but I admit it was pretty cool in avatar.

    Also, I would like to point out the part where you said “heck, it’s probably the reason I love film the way I do now. ”

    I know how you feel, Legend of Zelda did the same thing for me, but with videogames.

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