The Best New Shows Spring 2010

May 20, 2010 at 8:16 pm (Television)

I don’t particularly get a chance to watch much TV, what shows I do faithfully follow are few and far between and get their reserved time on my DVR. Chuck usually dominates my Monday nights, I usually try to keep up with the latest shenanigans with the Mythbusters, and of course I have my G4 programming and the Comedy Night Done Right on NBC, but rarely if ever do new shows come along that get into my radar and that I completely get into and love. Here are a few new-ish shows that I could completely recommend-

Modern Family-This is probably my new favorite among all the new shows. This show kinda lost me at first just because it didn’t know what kind of humor it was shooting for, but now it’s really found its groove as a mixture between a classic family sitcom and The Office’s style of documentary and camera work. The crew follows a “modern family” of sorts in that it’s completely dysfunctional, you have the “grandpa” who is married to a Latino mistress with her own pre-conceived child, there’s the grandpa’s daughter who is married to her own dimwit Michael Scott-esque husband and their children, and her gay brother, his partner, and their adopted child. It’s all absolutely hysterical and only gets better with time as you get to know each of the families. It’s all really smart, really witty, and really really funny and wholesome to watch.

Human Target-This is one that I haven’t gotten into as much, but it still worth checking out. This is sort of like a weekly dose of action in my TV-watching diet, all about a guy that works as a bodyguard to people of interest. What makes it cool is his rag-tag A-Team-ish renegade partners like Jackie Earle Haley as the tech expert.

Community-This show also really took me by surprise. At first I sort of wrote it off as a knockoff of other funnier shows, but I’ve been so pleased to see that it’s actually evolved into a really funny show that follows in the vein of Scrubs thanks to it’s goofy off-beat humor with a strong moral message and a likeable group of characters to follow. Jeff is forced to return to community college to re-validate his law degree, and there comes into contact with a rag-tag study group made up of many different unique individuals that you’d find at community college-Black jock, pedophile, artsy girl, miss perfect, single mother, etc.

Breaking Bad-This one isn’t as much a new show, but I just recently got into it. It’s in its third season, and its a highly story driven series that follows Bryan Cranston as Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher that after being diagnosed with terminal cancer, becomes involved in a world of dealing and cooking methamphetamine with a former student. The story’s always evolving and changing, which is why I couldn’t keep up with it, but there’s something so brilliant and great about this show with its movie-quality story that you just can’t turn away.

Parks and Recreation-Once again, this show is in its second season, but its slowly become one of my favorite shows after I got into its second season. Once again shot in the style of The Office, the show follows the adventures of Leslie Knope/Amy Poehler as she works in the Parks and Recreation department. Just like The Office the show delights in tossing you a lot of likeable characters that are easy to relate to and laugh at. Aziz Ansari does a great bit on the show, and it’s great for any general fan of comedy.


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