Why I Lost $5 To Gamestop

June 15, 2010 at 6:21 pm (Video Games)

(Somewhat continued from the Post-Nintendo-2010-Conference-Wrap Up Post.) The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword-This is my disappointment. To be really accurate on this, I sorta need to break it down a little. On one hand there were my expectations, but on the other are the simple facts of what this game should have been. When I start seeing these images of the same Link from Twilight Princess, and I hear the words “realism with motion plus”, I, along with many others, come to expect a sequel or other sort of rendition in that style of Twilight Princess, but involving that realism with the motion plus, and that would have been amazing. With the plot details we thought we knew, it would have been amazing to due a Master-Sword-origin story, pair that with some really good feeling and amazingly implemented motion plus technology, and you’ve gotten a new masterpiece. That’s why Nintendo’s making a miss-step by assuming they have to dumb the game down and casual-ize it to implement motion plus. Nintendo apparently thinks we’re idiots, b/c to them when you take one of your most beloved series and you take a really wide-market tech, you have to make it super casual, and you don’t. Give us the motion-sensing focus that Sony’s and Microsoft’s giving on their top tier project, and you can keep hardcore audience. Instead, Miyamoto comes on stage, throws a bunch of absurd gestures no hardcore fans wants to do, and sorta slaps in a Zelda game on it. It doesn’t feel like a Zelda game, it feels like a motion plus demo with Link slapped on, like Colt said, it’s like it’s Link’s Crossbow Training Part 2. The tech didn’t work great on stage, and you could feel the groan in the audience. Why do we have to downgrade our graphics? I like the artsy style of Windwaker, I loved the darker style of Twlight Princess, but this just feels like a clean cut smooth around the edges half-effort. To top it all off, they told us they’ve been working on this game for 3 years, and that they come on stage with this! A demo where the tech’s glitchy, the graphics are dull, we get a release date in the reaches of 2011, and we don’t even get any hints of story. As I said, Zelda is one of the most hardcore series out there, and it feels like they’re doing it all wrong by giving us this, this motion-plus demo of a Zelda game. It makes no sense to commercialize and casual-ize one of the games that the entirety of your hardcore base was excited about. It’s frustrating is what it is. It’s frustrating that they lead us to believe for years after years it’s going to be the best Zelda yet, that it’ll be this hardcore title we’ve dreamed of, that it’ll at least be marketed for the hardcore audience, and in the end we get something that’s clearly aimed at the casual audience, it’s colossally disappointing. I’ll admit part of my disappointment is that the product was far from my expectations, but if you look at the big picture and at what we got on stage, you still have something with much left to be desired. You don’t sell a game just based on tech, or your audience will eventually get bored and tired. You build a great game around that and you use that technology, the first priority has to be the game, not the new fancy tech behind the game. If Nintendo can get the really interesting story behind this game like they had promised us a year ago, get the graphics sharper tuned, and make me actually excited about this technology and how they it’s not the main focus of the game but just a really awesome aspect of it, then you’ll have a deal Nintendo, but until then, whenever it is this game does come out, I’ll be sticking with my copy of Twilight Princess.



  1. The James said,

    ok, this is so wrong.

    Fist of all, yes the demo they showed on stage was a little glitchy, but that was due to interference, look at any other video of people playing it on the web. Read gamestop’s hands on with it, it starts out with:

    “Forget the not-so-elegant swordplay show put on by Shigeru Miyamoto at Nintendo’s E3 press conference. We just got back from playing the new Legend of Zelda adventure, Skyward Sword, and found the new control system to be quite responsive.”

    (link: http://e3.gamespot.com/story/6265854/the-legend-of-zelda-skyward-sword-hands-on )

    Plus, IGN has nominated it as best Wii game of E3.

    yes, it looked like a tech demo for motion plus BECAUSE THAT’S THE NEW FEATURE! Of course they are going to focus on that aspect of it! Just like sony focused on move (aka wii rip-off) and microsoft focused on Kinect games.

    You have no reason to say that they have made it casual, it is the same Zelda we have always gotten. I know you are seeing it and comparing it to twillight princess and seeing that they seem way different. But that is your problem: Twillight Princess is the game that sticks out like a sore thumb in the series, not this one. Nothing against Twillight Princess, I love that game, its just that this one looks and feels more like a Zelda game.

    I don’t know what groan you felt in the audience, because I felt the excitement! if you goto gamespot today, their #1 searched game. it is all over the internet, and 98% of the fans are brimming over with excitement!

    Also, you keep claiming the game is built around the tech, and its crazy it is being in development so long. But I saw an interview today explaining the reason it is being in development so long is because they got halfway in production before they decided to add Wii Motion Plus. They did not build the game around the tech, the are using it to enhance it.

    I think this looks like it might be the next Ocarina of Time. Everything I have heard about it assures me that it is going to be amazing!

  2. The James said,

    I just ask that you do some research on the game. Read about it on some other sites, watch some interviews, and look at some gameplay footage. You did not lose $5, you made a great investment!

  3. earlman27 said,

    Honestly, I have done research. I’ve looked into what others think about the game and what others’ impressions are on the game, but my opinion stands that it’s just a colossal disappointment. That’s not the game that I wanted, and I would say that there are many others that agree with me. That’s my state of mind, that’s my opinion, and that’s just how it stands. Unless Nintendo changes basically everything about it, I won’t be picking it up Thanksgiving Break from Freed and come time for the next console generation I’ll be going with Microsoft.

  4. earlman27 said,

    A) Perhaps it was a tad bit hasty to jump on Nintendo for having a really crap-tacular debut of the game. I understand that the game does in fact work and that others really enjoy the game, but it is a little lackluster on their part to debut their “best Zelda game yet” with a really embarrassing demo, not pointing the finger at Nintendo or the “wireless interference” but facts are facts. It was pretty embarrassing to see Miyamoto flail around, but hey, it’s Nintendo, I’m used to it.

    B) I understand that a lot of other gaming publications love the game, however that doesn’t change my opinion. Different people work for those publications, many many many people, and as I’m sure (and glad) that there are some people that are really excited for it, I’m sure there are several that are on my side of the fence that were let down by what they saw, and my opinion stands as just being disappointed. (A report I was watching on G4 claimed that the sword movements are not 1:1 but are in fact still animations marked to gestures.

    C) Twilight Princess incorporated that brand new motion technology at its time, and it worked incredibly well. I felt like I was using Link’s sword, using Link’s shield to bash enemies, as I parried around my enemy, I felt as if I was actually there, actually engaged in the combat. I understand that this is Nintendo’s new technology, I completely get that, but I don’t like how they’re focusing the game on it. The way Miyamoto was demonstrating it on stage seemed to work the same if not worse than the way Twilight Princess played 3/4 years ago. I understand that Twilight Princess was a different game, that it was darker, but then again Nintendo led us to believe that this game was going to be like that. The image they showed us looked exactly like that, and they claimed it was going to be in that same vein, or so many of us believed, only to be sort of let down when we find out it’s in this new style. I get that there are different styles, Windwaker had the cartoony thing going, but there are some really evident flaws in the visuals. They may “be shooting for” a watercolor-y theme, but some of the textures look terrible and it all just had a lazy vibe.

    One of the things wrong is that we’re stuck in the past with Zelda games. We had Ocarina of Time, it had it’s moment, so did Windwaker, so did the original Zelda, so did Twilight Princess, so who’s to say we go back to Ocarina of Time? Even if we are going back to that style of graphics it feels not only lazy that Nintendo’s reverting back to that but it just feels like a step backward to me.

    D) I’m glad that you enjoy the game and that you’re looking forward to it, I really am, I hope a lot of people enjoy it. However, that is not the Zelda game I wanted. I wanted a Zelda game not built around technology. (No matter what you say it worked better in Twilight Princess than it is now with MotionPlus) It doesn’t particularly matter how late in the game they implemented the technology, the fact is they got on stage, showed us our hardcore title, and pitched it to us as a casual market game treating the audience like 5 years olds, reminding us where the B button was, and throwing in a bunch of unnecessary tech in our faces that we really didn’t care for. We (or at least I) don’t want a motion plus game, we had motion technology in the last game, just give us that, and a new, better built Zelda game that follows in that trend. Like I said, I’m glad you enjoyed it, but unless some serious changes happen I won’t be picking it up, I’ll be sticking with my copy of Twilight Princess.

  5. The James said,

    The thing I don’t get is that you think it is casual. That game felt as casual as Metroid Other M to me.

  6. The James said,

    eh, to each his own I suppose…

  7. KingreX32 said,

    When compared to Twilight Princess i gotta say this game looks a little juvenile. But whatever Nintendo never dissapoints when it comes to Zelda. So we will see.

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