The Search for Spiderman Goes On

June 27, 2010 at 8:26 pm (Movies)

You might remember I did a post a couple of weeks ago about why I’m such a huge supporter of the new Spiderman film. Just like Batman, the Spiderman series is one with plenty of potential to be updated and brought to light in a new perspective. Just as a refresher, Marc Webb (500 Days of Summer) is directing the film, and they’re shooting for a more high school, smaller scale, teenage angst-y Peter Parker. Now as shooting for the film and work for it comes closer and closer, the quest is coming closer and closer to finding the new Peter Parker. Now Sony has been reviewing screen tests for the select few actors in the run for the part, and there are even a couple of other dark horses in the run-

Jamie Bell-Probably the most experienced actor on the list, Bell has had his part both major and minor in a number of films. He’s English (which means a natural English accent), is 24 years old (tad old to be in high school but he can pull it off looks-wise. He’s been in the following films-Billy Elliot-Lead Role, Death Watch , Peter Jackson’s King Kong -Jimmy, Flags of Our Fathers, Jumper-Griffin, and has a part in the upcoming films Eagle of the Ninth and Jane Eyre. He seems to be one of the most likely candidates, and he definitely wouldn’t be a bad choice, but I’ve never been blown away by any of his parts.

Anton Yelchin-Yelchin, Russian born, 21 years old, has already had a huge film career in a number of legendary roles. He’s been in the films Alpha Dog, Charlie Bartlett-Lead Role, New York I Love You, JJ Abrams’ reboot of Star Trek as Chekov, Terminator Salvation as Kyle Reese, and will be starring in Disney’s The Winter Queen and this year’s comedy with Mel Gibson, The Beaver. He’ll also be reprising his role as Chekov in the sequel to Star Trek. He’s also had a lot of parts in television including parts in Law and Order and Without a Trace among others. He’s also been nominated for many small awards for his roles in film. To this day he plays in the band “The Hammerheads”. Personally, he’s my choice for the part just based on sheer acting talent and the look of Peter Parker.

Aaron Johnson-One of the more ironic picks considering his role in Kick-Ass, Johnson proved he really had some talent. He’s 20 years old (he fully convinced me of his high school age in Kick-Ass) and was born in England. However aside from that film he’s not been in many other roles aside from a part in Shanghai Knights and The Illusionist, not to mention playing John Lennon in the film Nowhere Boy. To be honest I don’t like the idea of him playing it simply b/c I think he should stick with the Kick-Ass series and lampooning the idea of superheroes.

Andrew Garfield-Garfield is age 26 (definitely stretching it with his look) and was born in Canada. Garfield has a pretty slim acting career with parts in Lions for Lambs, The Other Boleyn Girl, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus and this year’s The Social Network. He started his career working on stage, and won a BAFTA for his work in Boy A. He’s been positioned as new talent, but has also taken up work in modeling. I’m really not a huge fan of this guy and his modeling work looks like it might tie him up, but who knows.

Alden Ehrenheich-Born in the U.S. and only 20 years old, Ehrenheich hasn’t had any huge film roles, but was discovered by Steven Spielburg at a barmitzvah which led to him getting a few television roles in CSI and Supernatural. He’s currently majoring in theater in New York, which makes him more likely to be too busy to take on the role, even though I’m not that excited for his chances, I could already here the barmitzvah story on the E! True Hollywood Story.

Logan Lerman-Back to another bigger name, Lerman, American born and only 18, had a lead role in this year’s previous hit Percy Jackson and the Olympians. The kid has a big interest in film, Eternal Sunshine being one of his favorites and David Fincher being a favorite director, and has a part in filmmaking from a young age as well in commerical parts. He has been cast in the newest adaptation of The Three Musketeers as d’Artagnan, a role he got without even an audition (which may cause some scheduling conflict). The guy has a history of big films, including roles in What Women Want, The Patriot, The Butterfly Effect, Hoot, The Number 23, 3:10 to Yuma, Gamer, and of course Percy Jackson. Lerman definitely wouldn’t be a bad choice, and if scheduling could work out I wouldn’t mind him taking the part, it seems possible.

Other names that WEREN’T screen tested but have been rumored include-

Frank Dillane-Dillane had a part in the 2009 film Harry Potter in the Half Blood Prince, but is going to be studying in drama and arts this fall in college, which drastically complicates his chances of getting the part.

Josh Hutcherson-A more well-known name from films like Journey to the Center of the Earth and Zathura, he’s often known for playing bullies which really oddly throws me off. He almost seems like the kid actor of our generation. He’s from Kentucky, is 17 years old, and his part in films like RV, Cirque Du Freak, and American Splendor definitely help his chances, but in my own mind he seems a little too young-looking for the part.

Michael Angarano-22 years old and currently residing in Los Angeles, Angarano seems fit to play the part, especially thanks to parts in 24, The Forbidden Kingdom, Gentelmen Broncos, Sky High (lead role), Seabiscuit, Almost Famous, and so much more. I could definitely see him in the part, and behind Yelchin and Lerman he’s one of my top picks.

*Note-The pictures in the post are the actors in the order that I named them.


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