The Class of X-Men First Class

July 10, 2010 at 4:05 pm (Movies)

There’s been a ton of news and decisions that have been made concerning the next X-Men film, X-Men: First Class, and it’s interesting to see how this is playing out. There are smaller directors, more about wit and creativity than than bigger and louder and larger budgets (not that there’s anything wrong with those films), but as this film and the new Spiderman film goes underway with an 80 million dollar budget, It almost feels like we’re entering a new world of superhero films, and I for one am definitely excited for it (post coming soon). However, there’s been a lot of news about the development of this film, and here is the cast that has been chosen so far for the movie-

James McAvoy: Professor X-The actor who has done some great work in The Chronicles of Narnia and Wanted will be playing a younger version of the telekinetic doctor and leader of sorts of the X Men. McAvoy (Age 31) in my opinion is really talented and it’ll be super interested to see what he does with the part.

Michael Fassbender: Magneto-Having done work for 300 and Jonah Hex, Michael Fassbender (Age 33) gave up the role in the reboot of Spiderman playing a villain like the Lizard or The Scorpion to play Erik Lensherr in X-Men: First Class, who many know will eventually become Magneto. Fassbdender did good work in 300, I haven’t seen him in Jonah Hex (and apparently neither did a lot of other people) but it’s going to be inspiring to see him enter the shoes of Sir Ian McKellan’s mastery of the part.

Alice Eve: Emma Frost-The actress (age 28) that’s best known for her role in a number of smaller parts just got her name made in the recent comedy “She’s Out of My League”, and will be stepping into the role of the mutant Emma Frost, capable of telepathy and diamond-shapeshifting. The last time we saw Emma Frost was in a very brief spot in a sequence in the underrated fun romp “X Men Origins: Wolverine”.

Nicolas Hoult: Beast-Nicholas Hoult (Age 20), while not in a huge amount of films lately, is one of the most acclaimed young actors out there from his performance in “About A Boy”. He’s had parts in Nicolas Cage’s The Weather Man, this year’s action fest Clash of the Titans, and last year’s film A Single Man. The last time we saw Beast on the screen was excellently done in X3: The Last Stand by Kelsey Grammar, and considering the role of Hank McCoy is more of an emotionally poignant role, Hoult should be a good choice.

Caleb Landry Jones: Banshee-The character Banshee is one that a lot of X Men fans may be less familiar with, and the idea that they’re including him and other less known characters in this film is hopefully going to be one it’s strong points. Best known as the kid on the bike that helps Javier Bardem’s character get away at the end of No Country for Old Men, Caleb Landry Jones hasn’t had a whole lot of work other than in My Name is Earl and Friday Night Lights. Hopefully though, the 21 year old actor can bring some life to the smaller part.

Aaron Johnson: Cyclops- Cyclops was one of the main characters from the recent X-Men trilogy, and it looks like he’s going to be one of the main characters of this film. With the casting of Aaron Johnson (age 20), his really relate-able performance being one of the best parts of the recent comic film “Kick-Ass”, hopefully the actor can bring the same emotional depth and human nature he had in that film to this film to make Cyclops human once again just like they captured in the first and second films.

Lucas Till: Havok-Now we’re talking. Of course we all remember Lucas Till (age 20) from Taylor Swift’s music video “You Belong with Me”, but the actor has had many parts in films like Walk the Line as Johny Cash’s “saw victim”, Hannah Montana: The Movie, The Spy Next Door, and this year’s Battle: Los Angeles with Aaron Eckhart. Lucas Till in a sense is more of a teenage heartthrob, but he should bring some heart to as the mutant Havok, who has the ability to absorb cosmic energy.

Those are all of the CONFIRMED roles in the film, now to take a look at those who are being rumored or in talks/auditioning/likely to take the other parts.

Amber Heard: Mystique-Mystique was one of the most complicated and in my opinion well done in the original trilogy as a sidekick to Magneto, and it’s being told that Fox is approaching Amber Heard (Age 24) to play the part. Amber Heard is by far the most experienced on the list, having solid roles in Friday Night Lights, North Country, Alpha Dog, Never Back Down, The Pineapple Express (one of my favorite films), The Informers, Zombieland, The Stepfather, and the upcoming Nicolas Cage film Drive Angry. Personally, she’s not that bad looking either, I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing her take up the blue paint.

Rosamund Pike: Moira MacTaggert-The London-born actress (age 31) has had a considerable history as a Bond girl in Die Another Day, Pride and Prejudice, the Oscar-milled An Education, and as a lead in last year’s interesting film The Surrogates. In the comics Moira serves a smaller part as a character that has great intelligence in the field of genetics and mutation, and I could definitely see the actress in the part.

Kevin Pennington: Multiple Man-Pennington (age 23) has had almost no roles aside from a part in this year’s upcoming NBC romantic show Love Bites, but does have a confirmed part in the Marvel mashup The Avengers and the upcoming Scream 4. Multiple Man’s power is pretty obvious, but who knows, maybe this guy’s first role in a major tentpole film could prove us all of his talent. If you think hard enough the last time we saw Multiple Man was briefly as one of Magneto’s henchmen in X3: The Last Stand.

Erica Hosseini: Willow-Surfer Erica Hosseini (age 23) obviously hasn’t had too much film experience, but has officially auditioned for the part of Willow, the mutant from the comics with the ability to shapeshift.

KEVIN BACON-Finally, over the past day or two there has been a giant uproar over the news that Kevin Bacon is in current negotiations with Fox to play the villain in the film. Bacon (awesome last name btw) has had a gargantuan filmmography over the past 30 years, including parts in Animal House, Friday the 13th, Footloose, Planes Trains and Automobiles, Tremors (An Excellent Horror Film), The River Wild (Of Which He Received a Best Supporting Actor Nomination), Hollow Man, and Frost/Nixon. Bacon can be a great actor and have a great presence whenever he’s playing the part of a villain, and could be an awesome anchor for this film.

Other Actors Rumored for Some Involvement in the Film Include-

  • Jack Huston, known for his role in the Twilight Series.
  • Eddie RedMayne, who has had several small parts including a role in the 2008 film The Other Boleyn Girl.
  • Stephen Dillane

Matthew Vaughn: Director-Of course, the director stands as one of, if not arguably the most important part of the film. The idea Vaugn is attached is much reason to celebrate as he definitely got the feel for how “young” people act in Kick-Ass (he’s like the Judd Apatow of superhero films), and he’s gotten a great idea of making imaginative filmmaking with 2007’s silent hit Stardust. He directed the film Layer Cake, and will be directing Kick Ass 2: Balls to the Wall in 2012. He also produced a number of films like Harry Brown and Snatch starring Brad Pitt. Vaughn isn’t the best choice for the director’s chair, but there aren’t many other directors that have the same superhero and creative vision that he does. Plus, this guy knows a thing or two about casting as evident by his awesome cast of Nicolas Cage, Mark Strong, Aaron Johnson, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, and Chloe Grace Muretz. Things could be worse cough cough Shyamalan.



  1. Terrance said,

    Kevin Pennington is not in SCRE4M, he dropped out to do the ensemble comedy HORRIBLE BOSSES which stars Jennifer Aniston, Jamie Foxx, Kevin Spacey & Colin Farrell.

    Also can he be in Avengers and X-Men First Class both? Strange. I hope not.

  2. earlman27 said,

    According to his wikipedia page he’s involved with Avengers and Scream 4 in unconfirmed roles and it doesn’t mention anything about the Jennifer Aniston film. Not saying it couldn’t be wrong though.

  3. The James said,

    A lot of those people looked like the characters to me. (especially magneto) I don’t know about Prof. X yet…I will have to see the guy bald… 😉

    a lot of these people seem a little young to me, like havok and cyclops. What, are those kids 12?

    Oh well. The anticipation is building, this is gonna be a great film. (I hope)

  4. earlman27 said,

    Yeah, Fassbender’s supposed to be really good in a lot of the stuff he does. I love huge ensemble casts like this, and I guess they’re going with a younger cast since it’s like a really young class but I’m really not sure. The director’s really talented and the cast seems really strong, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

  5. The James said,

    with any luck, we will be blown away.

  6. darkcloak said,

    By the looks of this, It is either gonna be awesome or crap. There wont be any in-between

  7. earlman27 said,

    Very true, very true. I like big ensemble casts like this. It could be a huge huge huge misfire, but who knows.

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