My Top Fifteen Most Anticipated Films of the Next Year

August 4, 2010 at 10:38 am (Movies)

2010’s been a pretty good year for films. I sorta like to think of it as Leonardo Dicaprio’s year as my top two films of the year both have him in the starring role. There have also been some surprise hits with me like Get Him to the Greek, Dinner for Schmucks, Kick-Ass, How to Train Your Dragon, and even The Losers. As more and more trailers start to roll in and we start to set our sights on what’s ahead beyond the summer, here are my Top Ten Most Anticipated films for the next year, which includes all films after August through August of next year. If the movie you love or a lot of people are excited about didn’t cut it, let’s hope that it proves me wrong.

15.   Rango-March 4, 2011-They showed us this trailer with Shrek Forever After and Dinner for Schmucks, and the animation for the film is the best reason I could give for why I want to see it. The movie follows Rango, a chameleon having an identity crisis in the desert town “Dirt”. The movie looks absolutely gorgeous, perfectly hinting all the colors there are but still getting the stark atmosphere of the desert. The few chuckles the trailer had is hopefully an indication of what is to come from the rest of the film. The characters are all super super detailed, and with a voice cast including Johnny Depp, Bill Nighy, and Alfred Molina and you’ve easily got the most promising animated film of next year.

14.   Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark-January 21st, 2011-Usually I’m not one for horror films or grisly violent movies, but once you slap Guillermo Del Toro on board and I’m totally in. The film follows a young girl who moves in with her father to realize there are strange creatures inside the house, who she soon discovers aren’t as friendly as they appear. Word is that the film is absolutely terrifying, and a definite callback to old school horror.

13.   The Social Network-October 1st, 2010-At first I sorta dismissed this as just a Facebook movie, but the film is starting to gather a lot of attention. David Fincher, director of a multitude of great films like Fight Club and Se7en is directing and Jessie Eisenburg and Andrew Garfield are starring. The film has a really cool corporate feel to it, and I could definitely see the film racking up come March of next year with some big time awards.

12.   Paul-March 11, 2011-It’s no secret I love comedies, and one of, if not my favorite comedic duo is Simon Pegg and Nick Frost from their work in Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. The duo are teaming up in a non-Edgar Wright film directed by Arrested Development director Greg Mottola. The film was written by the duo and stars the two on the run from the government after they discover an alien (Seth Rogen) inside Area 51. That last part could make the film really bad or really good, and it’s sorta dampened my faith in the project. But if I know Pegg and Frost, there’ll be plenty of great comedic fun to be had.

11.   Sucker Punch-March 25th, 2011-Zac Snyder is definitely one of my favorite filmmakers, from his distinct visual flavor and respect for great story in both Watchmen and 300. Now comes his first original working in the action hybrid Sucker Punch, which follows a girl in a mental institution who has these incredible fantasy battles inside her mind while others around her are more suspicious than they seem. There’s a lot of potential in this, and with the insane action Snyder’s promising us and the visual look it has, I’ll be in line come the end of March for this one.

10.   The Hangover 2-May 26th, 2011-One of the greatest comedies that defines our generation is the Todd Phillips’ movie The Hangover, which proved to be a huge success about this time last year. Not a whole lot is known about the project yet, but with the whole cast returning and a whole new location in Thailand, this is one of those film projects where I’m guaranteed an awesome time at the cinema with this comedic tour de force.

9.   RED-October 1st, 2010-I remember reading about this film a couple of months ago, thinking it wasn’t really going to be THAT special but may be worth a look. After seeing a trailer or two, it’s instantly bumped up my list. Seeing Helen Mirren, Morgan Freeman, Bruce Willis, and John Malcovich and other elderly people kill CIA agents after being blacklisted is something I’ve dreamed of for years. Come October, we’ll finally get to see it happen in all the Morgan Freeman-pimp-slapping-Helen-Mirren-sniping-goodness.

8.   The Green Hornet-January 14, 2011-I was a tad bit disappointed that Michel Gondry (from what we’ve seen) isn’t injecting his visual flavor as much as I was hoping for, but what we have seen has blown my socks off in the awesome department instead. The movie is following Seth Rogen as a party boy billionaire who has his father’s fortune and superhero legacy thrown in his lap after his father’s mysterious murder. I really like that Seth Rogen is branching out, and hopefully he’ll be a great super hero. Even my favorite villain from last year, Christoph Waltz is showing up for the party. Combine the two actors’ skills with Gondry’s directorial talent and hopefully we’ll have a new superhero classic.

7.   Due Date-November 5th, 2010-Todd Phillips’ upcoming comedy The Hangover 2 appeared earlier in the list, but his new film/in-between project has me more excited with its newest trailer. Robert Downey Jr. is in a dire need to get to the other side of the country to witness his son’s birth, but in order to do that he has to share the ride with his peculiar brother in law played by Zach Galifianakis. It’s great to see RBJ return back to comedy, and the two actors together in a situation like that is perfect room for Phillips to create another comedy classic.

6.   Tron Legacy-December 17th, 2010-A lot of buzz went around this one at Comic Con this year, and from what I’ve seen for good reason. After being trapped in the Tron world, Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) brings his son into the world to rescue him with the help of a cyber warrior (Olivia Wilde). The visuals in the film are some of the best I’ve ever seen, and hopefully there will be a good story to boot this holiday season when the film releases. Disney has a lot of chips in this basket, and hopefully this old franchise can make it happen. I knot at least $11 of the gross will be coming from me.

5.   The Adjustment Bureau-March 4th, 2011-This film was originally supposed to be released this fall, however it was delayed due to some scheduling conflicts. The film follows Matt Damon, who falls in love with a girl on the bus ride home only to realize he’s going against his fate according to a mysterious group of gentlemen known as “The Adjustment Bureau”. Events keep coming into play to keep them apart, and it’s up to Matt Damon to keep their love together in what looks like a really promising and interesting sci-fi romance. There’s so much going on in the trailer, and it all looks so darn cool. I love the trench coats Terence Howard gets to wear, the fact Matt Damon runs with a fedora on, oh yeah, and there’s a really cool concept there.

4.   Captain America: The First Avenger-July 22nd, 2011-It wasn’t until yesterday that I realized this film was being released next year, which sort of adds to my excitement for the movie. Of course we all know Chris Evans is playing Steve Rogers, a WW2 soldier injected with the super soldier serum to become Captain America so he can battle Red Skull and other cool stuff. There’s a lot of potential behind this one, and sometime tells me it’ll be a big hit. Plus, Chris Evans proved to me he can be cool. It’s not only what Marvel needs right now, it’s what America needs!

3.   It’s Kind of a Funny Story-September 24th, 2010-I think this is Zach Galifinakis’ third time on this list, maybe next year will be his year. This one’s sorta unknown to a lot of people as it’s sort of an indie comedy, but to me it looks really clever, smart and funny, which coincidentally appeals to me a lot. The movie follows a young guy who’s so overburdened with the stresses of the world he checks himself into a mental institution to clear his mind, and ends up befriending Galifiankis’ character who turns out to have a daughter, and the guy also falls for Emma Roberts’ socially inept character. The movie looks to have that perfect feel good/inspirational/biting edge comedy flavor to it, and I can’t wait to see it this Fall.

2.   Cowboys & Aliens-July 29th, 2011-Now we’re talking. Jon Favreau is known for his great filmmaking, crafting a great series out of Iron Man and making films every one can enjoy like that series and holiday films like Elf. Now he’s turning his sights to action once again with the comic-based adventure Cowboys & Aliens. The plot is pretty self-explanatory, and from what we’ve seen the movie takes a straight western take on the material but interjects some really Iron Man-esque technology into the mix. Robert Downey Jr. was originally supposed to be the lead, but now the true kick-butt guys of the age, Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford are set to star. What more is there to ask for from a summer movie than Indiana Jones and James Bond in Independence Day!?!

1.   Morning Glory-November 12th, 2010-Now follow me here. What if I said the movie I’m most excited for in the next year was a romantic/comedy/drama/life-lesson giver? If you knew me you’d probably say “big shocker there”. This JJ Abrams-written film revolves around Rachel McAdams, an intern at a morning news station who is constantly trying to get her bickering co-hosts Diane Keaton and Harrison Ford under control. Patrick Wilson (Night Owl) is also starring along with Jeff Goldblum. The movie has so much in it that I can’t wait to see. It’s message seems to be really strong and poignant, and it also has me laughing in a really genuine way thanks to how organic the comedy feels. Plus, Harrison Ford says the line “I’m not saying the word ‘fluffy'” in the trailer. What’s not to love? JJ Abrams has a thing about writing real people in his films, and hopefully Morning Glory can continue that tradition of great movies by this Thanksgiving.



  1. darkcloak said,

    I want to all of these, but fyi, some of these are coming out this year while your post says next year

  2. Nolanator said,

    7 words:


  3. earlman27 said,

    Meh, technically you could call this august to next august “within the next year” but I see your point, I may change the title.

    Nolan, I’m starting to have my doubts on Pirates 4. All we’ve seen are a couple of stills and a trailer, but I have a bad feeling the fourth movie is just going to feel unnecessary. Disney may just be pulling a cash grab since a lot of their recent movies (Prince of Persia and Sorceror’s Apprentice) tanked. I’ll probably see it, but it’s gotta prove it to me it can be good.

  4. The James said,

    Rango – Not really interested. Nothing wrong with the trailer, just not my thing.
    Don’t Be Afraid of the – the part of the trailer where she is under the sheets scared the crap out of me
    The Social Network – This acually looks pretty good
    Paul – could be really good or really bad
    Sucker Punch – This looks pretty cool. I smell the next inception.
    The Hangover 2 – Did not see the original, so I don’t care much about this one
    RED – I really liked the trailer for this. Awesome
    The Green Hornet – I don’t really have an opinion on this yet. But I plan on seeing it reguardless.
    Due Date – The trailer was pretty funny. I have high hopes for this one.
    Tron Legacy – This looks cool. Lets just hope its not as campy as the original. (I did not mean that as a slur to the original one, which was pretty good)
    The Adjustment Bureau – This looks great. I feel like I need to see this one, but seeing as it is a romance…I will need to bring a date. 😛
    Captain America: The First Avenger – OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!
    It’s Kind of a Funny Story – The trailer was really good. I would like to see this.
    Cowboys & Aliens – Either really good or really bad. Personally, I hate cowboys and love aliens…so you know who I will be rooting for. …then again, I can’t root against harrison ford.
    Morning Glory-November – Maybe rent. the trailer was ok, just not quite my thing

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