Huge X-Men First Class Details

August 20, 2010 at 9:50 pm (Movies)

A lot of speculation has been revolving around Matthew Vaughn’s upcoming film X Men First Class, which begins shooting this month for a May 2011 release. The movie has a huge cast with some A-listers and some new talent, and is quickly becoming one of my most anticipated films. It’ll be interesting to see how it pans out, but in the mean time, here is a list of released information about the project, courtesy of IGN (no need to worry about spoilers).

  • The two leads will be in their late twenties.
  • The film is set in the late 60s, JFK is president, the civil rights movement is in effect, and the “feeling of hope” is in the air. Charles Xavier and Eric Lensherr are meeting together in the film to dream of a future where mutants can also share that hope and live peacefully.
  • Xavier will NOT be in his wheelchair, but we will learn how he gets there, and he will HAVE HAIR.
  • Xavier and Magneto will create the X-Men together in the film.
  • Director Matthew Vaughn has stated he’s been inspired by the Bond tech of the late 60s 007 films.
  • The costumes in the film will be more comic-book-ish.
  • Neither Cyclops nor Marvel Girl will be in the film, but Cyclops’ brother, Havok, will be.
  • Kevin Bacon will play Sebastian Shaw, and the Hellfire Club will play into the mix.
  • Filming begins with Xavier at Oxford University. (Note-Does not mean that’s the first scene in the film.)
  • The film will be much more international than previous films, being shot in the United States and England but also taking place (but not being shot in) Russia.
  • There are other characters that are going to be in the film that haven’t been revealed yet.

I don’t know about you, but these tid bits of info have me very excited for the film and I now have a better idea of what the final product may be.



  1. darkcloak said,

    I am so excited, although I wish they would have kept Cyclops in

  2. The James said,

    That is going to be awesome, most of it is good news, save prehaps to the part about Charles walking and having hair. Walking is not a big deal, it is the hair that bother me…

    I am happy that cyclops and wolverine are got going to be in this film, as they are my two least favroite x-men ever. Jean so should have hooked up with forge or someone else…she could do better than either of them…

    I love the fact that you had to point out that the first scene is not necessarily in oxford. 😛

    Overall, anticipation is building. I cannot wait to watch with youse guys!

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