September 29, 2010 at 1:43 pm (Movies, Video Games)

Okay I was going to post all of these articles separately but once I got to looking at them I realized they were all semi-related. We have news of the latest in handheld technology, a classic franchise returning to the screen, and a new classic making it’s grand finale.

  • First off, Nintendo has finally put fanboy concerns to rest with a full list of announcements for the 3DS, along with a semi-altered design apparently (most won’t notice it but apparently it’s a slightly changed analog stick). The system will launch in Japan in late February, putting a release date for the U.S. and Europe sometime in March. The price has been announced for Japan for 25,000 yen, which roughly translates to $300 American. The system will come packaged with a 2GB SD card, and a new feature on the system was unveiled today that the 3DS will be able to pick up information like Miis, game history, etc. from other 3DSs when the system is turned off. Basically think of it as the U.S. government in your pocket (allegedly).
  • Second, George Lucas moved up the jerk totem pole a couple of days ago with finally announcing the plan for releasing Star Wars in 3D. Starting in 2012, one Star Wars film will be released in 3D per year-(2012-Phantom Menace, 2013-Attack of the Clones, etc.). On the bright side the most die-hard of Lucas’ fans will get to see their favorite films in three glorious dimensions, but on the bad side we’re going to have to wait 2/3 years after 2012 to finally see the good ones.
  • Third and Finally, the Batman 3 news mill has slowly started trickling again, with news about the third film in the franchise (being set for release in July of 2012) concerning Christopher Nolan’s involvement being discovered. Nolan has finally confirmed that he will be directing the film. Concerning he just got off of his work on the phenomenal Inception and he’s been tied up in getting Superman started, it’s a relied to know he’s committed to the project. It’s also being debated that the film is going to be released in 3D. Although Nolan has never been a huge fan of the technology, Inception has been planned for a 3D conversion for the debut of HBO’s 3D channel, which would be a huge premiere for the channel. Nolan could really do whatever he wanted with Warner Bros. now considering he’s made two of their biggest hits over the past 5 years, it’ll be interesting to see studio input and artistic vision once again go head to head.


  1. The James said,

    Nintendo: You know my thoughts on this already…Boo! 3D!…what…zelda?…analouge stick?…YAY 3DS!…man, I am broke…time to rob a bank!

    Star Wars: Each a year apart, you say? Hmmm….. As much as I dislike 3d, I will prolly see all of these…though I *may* skip some of the prequels. (I admit, the prequels are *nothing* compared to the original trilogy, but I do like them and think that they are underrated…though this may just be due to the face that I did not really discover SW until right after ep2 came out.

    Batman: please no 3d…PLEASE!!! Wait…avengers, batman…THE WORLD REALLY IS GOING TO END IN 2012 DUE TO OVERLOAD OF AWESOMENESS!!!

  2. darkcloak said,

    Interesting news. George Lucas can go burn for all I care.

  3. earlman27 said,

    Yeah I’m excited for the 3DS even though the potential $300 will take me out of the “early adopter” category (even though March would be a great window for a Birthday buy or saving up over the summer). Even though I don’t think 3D will ruin Batman 3, and I’d go see that film even if it cost $30, but it seems like either way it’ll be a great movie.

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