Chuck vs. the Fourth Season

September 30, 2010 at 3:49 pm (Television)

(Minor Season 3 Spoilers) My favorite show on television that it seems like noone wants on television, Chuck, had its fourth season premiere last Monday, and I have to say I’m incredibly glad that a show that’s went from a prime time show to a prime time show with a cut cast and cut budget is still this entertaining. The story’s opened up a couple of months after the third season, the Buy More has been rebuilt after Shaw’s attack and is now under CIA control with CIA employees, and Chuck’s gotten into a new mission of finding his mother, played flawlessly by the one and only Linda Hamilton. Episode 1 of the season just sort of introduced us to the new plot line of Chuck and Morgan trying to find Chuck’s mom, and we learn that quite frankly Chuck and Morgan are broke from their world escapades in their pursuit. In the first episode it’s revealed that Ellie’s now pregnant with her and Awesome’s first child, and Chuck’s having to keep his CIA involvement a secret in order to keep her from stressing out. It’s another one of those “I’m lying to you for your own good” scenarios. However, it’s being hinted at that Chuck’s mom has some involvement with this new terror organization that’s threatening the world. The first season was basically just Chuck adapting to his new life without a huge “bad guy” group, while season 2 was Fulcrum headed by Chevy Chase and season 3 was the Ring headed by an elite council group and Shaw, who posed as a double agent for the CIA. This season it’s been revealed that the new “bad guy” of sorts is going to be one singular person and not a group, which should be a nice change of pace. So far into the season they’ve not revealed any one to be that person yet, although I could see Dolph Lundgren being that guy despite the end of the first episode or even Chuck’s mom if it was that big of a twist.

As far as Chuck and Sarah go, I really like where they’re taking the relationship. They’re finally a couple, and now the writers are taking that to the next logical step and introducing problems for their relationship (i.e. Sarah’s unwillingness to commit into a “normal life” after spending the past 10 years working from place to another). Although some complain that they’re just making excuses for the relationship to not work, there are evident steps that are bringing them closer together and it’s pretty good sense in the writing. As far as the Buy More goes, I’ve always enjoyed the comic relief that came with them, it was always a great diversion from the spy life. Thankfully in the second episode they’ve brought Jeff and Lester back in what was a hilarious scene, and the entire Nerd Herd/Buy More crew is back in commission now that Morgan is the manager. It’ll be interesting to see how they incorporate Big Mike, my favorite of all the Buy More staff, back into the mix. Also it’s really nice that they’re keeping the relationship with Casey and his daughter, Alex, (one of my favorite incorporations from last season) back into the mix, and now that her and Morgan are starting a relationship. Between Morgan’s goofy antics and Casey’s… Casey-ness, comic hilarity shall ensue. Overall season 4 is off to a fantastic start, there’s a lot to love with this season and it’s going to be really interesting where they take it over the next few weeks, hopefully NBC will be kind enough to grant another 9 episodes to a pretty shallow 13 episode order.


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