The New Gwen Stacy is… A Red Head?

October 5, 2010 at 10:18 pm (Movies)

Don’t worry nerds, things aren’t as bad as they seem. It’s definitely been an exciting week for superhero news what with the announcement that Snyder’s doing Superman and now we officially have our Gwen Stacey. Emma Stone was reportedly offered the role of Mary Jane on Monday, but apparently the Hollywood machine turned things around on us pretty quick now didn’t it? today it was confirmed, much to the nerd community’s surprise, that Stone wouldn’t be playing Mary Jane Watson, but instead would be playing the other part of the Peter Parker love triangle, Gwen Stacey. This isn’t as bad as some may seem because A) Stone is a natural blonde, a hair color we haven’t gotten to see her with before in a film and B) Stone is a pretty darn good actress. She pulled a lot of attention for her comedic chops in this Fall’s new film Easy A, here’s hoping her comedy skills are put to good use in this one to some extent. I personally really liked her in Zombieland, but haven’t gotten a chance to see her in Easy A yet.

As for those still scratching their head and befuzzled, there’s some speculation as to what this means for the story. Some may take notice and wonder why Stone’s the one that was cast first. Your biggest roles in the film are always cast first. Garfield was cast back in the summer for the lead role, and now Stone is the second cast, which leads us to to think that Gwen Stacey might just have the biggest love interest in the new Spiderman film. This could mean that Gwen Stacey will have most of the screen time along Parker for the film and that while Mary Jane will be introduced in the film (likely very early in the film at the same time as Stacey), she and Parker won’t “get together” until the end of the film or on into the next one. Maybe Mary Jane could be the rebound after Gwen Stacey dumps Peter, maybe the writers will use Stacey as a metaphor for Parker to learn his true feelings for Mary Jane, or maybe Stacey will die in a fiery explosion in a scene reminiscent of the trolley car sequence from the original.



  1. The James said,

    they do it kinda like they did in spectaular spidey and make qwen peter’s best friend/awesome female nerd then have MJ be the new student and develop the love triangle that way

  2. earlman27 said,

    That makes a lot of sense…

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