Jackass 3D Review

October 27, 2010 at 3:02 pm (Movies)

Are you a fan of great nut shots, or how about grown men trapping themselves in very much used port-o-potties only to be hurled into the air hundreds of feet? Does the thought of a man violently gagging after chugging a cup of another man’s sweat strike your fancy? If you answered “yes” to any of those, I would advise you seek immediate psychological help, but right after that you should see Jackass 3D, one of the most painfully funny movies I’ve seen all year. In case you’re not familiar with the decade-old series, Johny Knoxville and the Gang basically come up with ridiculous stunts and perform them for their viewing audience. The stunts mainly involve unbelievably gross acts, at least one person getting hurt in some crazy way, or a general prank (the old man sketches, Bam’s fear of snakes, etc.) Back when I was growing up this was a show that I was seldom allowed to watch, so I always cherished the opportunity to see horrifically painful things happen to these guys, and in an odd way, I’ve grown to love them. It’s like when your uncle keeps showing up at Thanksgiving and telling you about the stupid things he’s done, you laugh (mainly AT him), but you still love him. I was a big fan of the first two movies and the TV show in general, so it’s great to see the same crew back in action. Johny Knoxville is still the “brains” behind it all and calling the shots, Jason “Wee Man” Acuna, Bearded Ryan Dunn, Bam Margera (and in many cases his bewildered parents), Chris Pontius, and Steve-O (it’s great to see that guy finally sobered up) all show up for the movie and all get their moment in the spotlight when it comes to the gross or obscene. It’s one of the best comedy casts (Is that right word?) you could ask for. Jackass 2 had seemingly set the bar for the insane nature of the stunts, having opened with the guys being chased through a closed off neighborhood by a herd of bulls, but somehow they top it in this one with a fantastically diverse “set list” of gags. As with every film of this nature, there are a few duds, but the ratio of hits to misses couldn’t be better. The stunts that do hit, including the “bee-hive tether ball”, the “cattle prod prison escape”, or multiple bungee segments are as funny as it gets. Although I personally didn’t have any trouble keeping my lunch down, this film is not for the light of stomach. There’s plenty of poop, urine, and  male anatomy to go around, although it’s all in good taste. Keep in mind, if you hated Jackass in the past, this film isn’t going to change your mind. I’ll also admit that I was very afraid the movie was going to be a waste of time and a waste of money, especially as the very bizarre opening credits started. But within the first 10 minutes the movie won me over, and kept me hooked until the end, begging for it to not be over already. At this point it knows exactly what it is, the “stunt list” in the film is probably their most solid yet as far as quality and pacing goes, and it never lets you catch your breath from laughing. It’s bigger, better, and more Jackass-y. One thing that definitely surprised me was how good the film looked. Obviously the film is in 3D, and 70% of the film takes advantage of it. Albeit you won’t like what’s flying out at you most of time, but it’s some of the best 3D implementation around. There are a ton of slow motion shots in the film that were created by a new type of camera system, and whenever they’re utilized in the film they look gorgeous. Once again, those slow motion shots are usually of things you wouldn’t usually care to see or something brutally painful, but hey, beggars can’t be choosers. The opening and closing stunts, of which the Jackass films are known for, of Jackass 3D are of top-notch quality, and exhibits some of the best visuals of the film. There’s no real theme this time in the opening, it’s really just all of the guys in various costumes beating the living heck out of each other, and the ending is sort of a Michael-Bay style flood of explosions on a set with the guys that’s gloriously stupid. Rip Taylor shows up once again to cap off the movie, and the ending credits complete the sense that this Jackass film is probably the last. It’s honestly sad to see these guys go. Sure, they’ve been doing this for a decade and they could probably fill a book with stories of horrific injuries and medical bills, but it’s been an amazing ride. Despite what some may say, Jackass is more than what you’d find on any Youtube page. These guys are the best at what they do. They practically turn the act of a nut shot into an art form. Each stunt is meticulously planned, and even though the chaos that ensues is genuine it’s really something to behold. They are professionals and being unprofessional. As I said earlier this group is like a family of brothers, doing what they do for our enjoyment and their own, and through the ridiculous nature of it all the film Jackass 3D almost brought tears to my eyes seeing how far the guys had come. Jackass 3D is a ridiculously fun time in the theaters, and it’s surprisingly well made. You may scoff at the idea of watching a movie about guys beating each other up and doing a lot of stupid things, but if you sit through this movie and can’t enjoy it, that’s a shame. This film is one of the best $10 investments I’ve made all year.  Jackass 3D brought me to tears in laughter many, many times. I can’t say much more than that I loved this movie, and it’s the biggest, best Jackass film to date. The stunts are funnier, the crew is giving it their best effort to date, and there’s honestly nothing else remotely like it, so suck in your pride and go check it out.

4 out of 5



  1. KingreX32 said,

    I wanna see this. I need to see this. I HAVE TO SEE THIS!!!!!!!
    but not before RED.

  2. earlman27 said,

    Yeah I’m gonna see RED this weekend, but I’m glad I checked out Jackass.

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