Down with Munn, Up with Bailey!

December 7, 2010 at 12:13 am (Television)

One of the shows I don’t talk about too often on here just so happens to be the show I watch the most. G4TV’s Attack of the Show is consistently entertaining, even if some of their sketches are a little hit or miss. Covering the tech world, the best in viral videos, interviewing new movie stars, and reviewing new DVDs and Games with the help of X-Play host Adam Sessler and Film Junkie Chris Gore. There’s so much the show covers, fully encompassing the motto “The One-Stop Source for all the Stuff You Care About”. Recently however former co-host Olivia Munn began appearing less and less on the show as more and more movie and television roles came up for her, and pretty soon it seemed like she was done with the rinky-dink nerd show. No offense to Munn, she was fantastic on the show, but it was disappointing to see her appearing less and less. The question soon came up as to who was going to replace Olivia, as it became more and more apparent they were trying out different hosts. Some of them were pretty awful, but others were great potentials (Haislip and Bailey). On tonight’s show, recurring guest host Candace Bailey (who got her start on Nickelodeon oddly enough (she’s stalking me)) has been announced as the new co-host for the show. It’s awesome to see such a spunky, funny, cute, and charismatic co-host to adapt Olivia’s shoes and make the part her own. She works perfectly with Kevin, and I can’t wait to see what happens for the show when a new look and new layout of the show comes in on January 11th, 2011. Check out the show, weeknights at 6:00 Central on G4TV.


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  1. KingreX32 said,

    I was watching an episode yesterday and I was wondering where Olivia was. Now I know.

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