Shaq in Drag

November 5, 2010 at 7:56 pm (Video, Weapons of Mass Enjoyment, Well That Was Cool)

I posted this on my Facebook the other day, and I still can’t stop laughing at it. As we all know last week was Halloween, and Shaquille O Neal took it upon himself to go all out to dress in drag for his costume this year, lip-singing to the popular Beyonce song, “Sweet Dream”. This makes Space Jam so much cooler…

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My (Near-Miss) Stand Against Tobacco

January 10, 2009 at 9:08 pm (Weapons of Mass Enjoyment, Well That Was Cool)

As those of you that are around me a lot might know, I’m a cashier at the local gas station/convenience store/deli in my hometown. Well, recently my boss had been coming to me, telling me that recently we had been busted for selling cigarettes to underage kids (not me), and that sometime within the next few weeks or months at an unknown time, a surveyor would be coming. I pictured this surveyor as some dude sitting at a table, watching me to make sure I didn’t mess up. Well today, I was wrapping up my 7 hour shift, about to head out the door, but had to take care of a few customers while my replacement was preparing for her shift.

As I’m standing up there, this girl, couldn’t have been older than 25, comes in. The general rule at work was to ID if they looked younger than 26. She’s also wearing this MTSU (Middle Tennessee State University) Sweatshirt. She asks for a pack of Marlboro Lights, and as I’m placing them on the counter, I start to think about whether to ID her. She looked young enough to constitute an ID, but then again, she’s wearing a MTSU sweatshirt. I started to not ID her, but since my boss was in the back, I go ahead and ask. I say “Ma’am, could I go ahead and see your ID? I know you’re wearing a MTSU sweat, but y’know…..” She takes a look at me, and says “Congratulations, you passed.” I’m just looking around, totally confused. She says “I work for the office of Phillip Morris, and we’re the surveyors for the selling of tobacco products to minors, and you passed! You did exactly what you were to do! Great Job!” She hands me this card, takes my name, and walks out. 

First thing I thought was “I wonder if she had cards that said ‘YOU FAIL’ on them.” The other thing I thought was “HOLY COW I GOTTA SHOW MY BOSS!!!” I ran back there and showed it off, I was so happy. Now we have that card taped up on the wall with the words “WE PASSED, GREAT JOB JAKE” wrote on the front. I better get a pay increase this week.

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Well That Was Cool-TDK Street Showdown

October 3, 2008 at 11:07 am (Movies, Well That Was Cool)

This is a new series I’d like to start to just point some things in movies, video games, or just every day life that are just plain cool. There are plenty of things in life that are cool. A lot of those things come from media, but times in my life can be classified as “just plain cool”, and I hope to showcase them here as well. I thought what a better way to start off this new category then to show one of the best scenes from The Dark Knight. 

About halfway through the summer giant that was The Dark Knight, some epic things were going on. Harvey Dent was being escorted after he falsely admitted to being Batman, and the Joker is hot on his trail. Batman is also on the way to save him. After Harvey’s out of the way and fairly safe for now, Batman comes in with his Batpod to show just how awesome he really is.

He shoots out windows at the mall.

He spins in an awfully cool way.

He then chases after the Joker’s truck, spins under it, and flips it, without Batman even breaking a sweat. 

The Joker climbs out, and starts shooting at pedestrians as Batman inches closer and closer. 

He yells “HIT ME!!!” over and over just taunting Batman to hit him, knowing it would satisfy him, but break his moral code. The Joker never loses his persona of chaos. 

Batman jerks the Batpod at the last second, he spins out, wrecks, and Gordon takes it from there.

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